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d distinguished citizens THE CULLMAN TIMES | PROFILE 2012 The Volunteers of Cullman County Character, spirit of residents help area rise above tragedy of April 27 tornadoes DAVID PALMER EDITOR T he tornadoes of April 27, 2011, challenged the foundation of Cullman County’s strong charac- ter. Two deaths, numerous injuries, and landscapes of snapped trees and battered homes and buildings stretched across the county. Moments after the tornadoes struck there were moments of anxiety, confusion and fear. But those emotions were quickly channeled into positive action. Law enforcement, fire departments and emergency responders of all types were quickly at work conducting search and rescue operations, and making sure the injured were taken for medical treat- ment. Many roads were impassable because of fallen trees and power lines, but the right people were quickly on the scene to ensure safety. While public servants were quickly afoot in the aftermath of the tornadoes, they were quickly joined by an army of citizens who stepped up to the task of helping neighbors. Area churches activated their vast resources, providing food and comfort throughout the area. Men and women with trucks and chainsaws lined up to volunteer clearing roads and yards of mounds of debris. Teenagers dropped their pursuits to lend valuable time and effort to the relief effort. The charitable agencies of the area, Please see CITIZENS Page 2

Profile 2012

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