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seed world international Edition 2011 International Edition 2011 US$5.95 £3.60 the food security debate Improving the Global Movement of Seed Seed Treatment: A Tool for Sustainable Agriculture International UNIQUE CHALLENGES, INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS Today, seed has to do a lot more than just look good. Increased marketplace competition, new high-value genetic traits and more effective seed treatment products often require individualized seed-enhancement solutions. There’s no one better at developing innovative solutions to colorant, appearance, dust control, plantability and performance challenges than the Becker Underwood seed-enhancement professionals. We’re always thinking ahead to meet the needs of a growing and ever-changing global seed industry. Insights on Seed By Julie McNabb PLUS The Future of plant breeding Social media The Rise of Specialized Trait Developers ISFs fearless leader Secretary General, Marcel Bruins, Explains How the ISF is Furthering the Seed Industry “ It’s our job to inform the public about the positive side of the seed industry… 801 Dayton Avenue Ames, IA 50010 1.800.892.2013 Dust Control • Appearance • Flowability • Plantability • Performance BECKER UNDERWOOD® is a registered trademark of Becker Underwood, Inc. ©2010 Becker Underwood, Inc. ” – marcel bruins Secretary General, ISF Gain valuable insights on the global seed industry.

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