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SPORTS, 1D Sunday Kansas com SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2013 ■ FINAL STATE EDITION $2.00 High-tech light shows in Wichita WSU fights past Tennessee for 10th straight win ARTS & LEISURE, 1C WSU professor’s research looks at distracted driving BUT ARREST WAS A ‘WAKE-UP CALL’ Security at airport is good, worker says BY MOLLY MCMILLIN The Wichita Eagle Rickey Welch arrived at his job as a sheet metal technician at Yingling Aviation on Friday at his usual time, about 4:20 a.m. But when he got inside, he was told the hangar bay where he worked was closed for security reasons. The line service person who told him didn’t know why. “Maybe somebody important is coming in,” Welch said he first speculated. Pilots of general aviation aircraft from around the country patronize Yingling, located at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. It wasn’t until later that he learned that a Hawker Beechcraft Services avionics technician who worked next door, Terry Lee Loewen, had been charged in a planned suicide bombing plot as he attempted to Please see AIRPORT, Page 17A Mike Hutmacher/The Wichita Eagle WSU student Huston Howery is a volunteer test subject. The research partly involves comparing driver ability when reading text on a cellphone vs. when wearing Google Glass, which has an interactive screen that dangles in front of one eye. J ibo He is a professor of psychology. He currently spends 16 hours a day studying how we’ve recently begun trying to accidentally kill ourselves and others. Just a few years ago, drunken driving was the one big killer on our roads. Now we have two. Drunken driving still kills 30 people a day. But hundreds of thousands of us began talking on cellphones while driving just a few years back. Then more people did it – and added texting while driving. Then even more people made calls, texted – and began “webbing while driving.” With only one hand on the wheel, they swipe their thumb on the screen of their smartphone, log onto the Internet and chat on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, watch videos and look at photographs. Suddenly, distracted driving kills nine people a day. Dr. He thinks this will get worse. Distracted driving last year killed 3,328 people and injured 421,000, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Four years ago, 13 percent of all drivers in a survey told State Farm that they drove Please see DRIVING, Page 16A Molly McMillin/ The Wichita Eagle Mike Hutmacher/The Wichita Eagle WSU professor Jibo He is conducting research on distracted driving. Dr. He is inventing an app that would shut off our smart devices while we drive. “Imagine driving down Kellogg for eight seconds or so, blindfolded, at 65 mph ... at rush hour.” Lt. Joe Schroeder of the Wichita Police INTRUST BANK ARENA CONCERTS Poor attendance could hurt pop’s chances BY DEB GRUVER The Wichita Eagle nout, which was bolstered by a Groupon deal that offered tickets for as low as $29, including fees. The original Disappointing turnout at prices ranged from $39.50 to the John Mayer concert at Intrust Bank Arena may hurt $69.50, plus fees. The top complaint Boleski Wichita’s chances of getting more pop music at the down- receives about the arena, which opened in 2010, is that town venue. That’s arena general manag- it attracts only country acts. But country is what sells in er A.J. Boleski’s fear after the this market. Taylor Swift and Dec. 1 concert brought in Luke Bryan both brought in fewer than 7,000 people. audiences of more than “It’ll challenge us for the 10,000 people in the third future,” he said of the tur©2013 The Wichita Eagle and Beacon Publishing Co., 825 E. Douglas, Wichita, KS 67202. Arts & Leisure Business Sarah Loewen, the ex-wife of Terry Lee Loewen, who is accused of plotting to bomb Wichita Mid-Continent Airport, says he used to be mellow and peaceful. quarter. Rascal Flatts drew 8,800. “Success for one type of show breeds more of that type of show,” Boleski said during an interview last week, calling country the “bread and butter of concerts for our area.” If people want other types of acts to come to the arena, people need to come out for them, he said. John Mayer plays a mix of This story was reported with the help of the Public Insight Network, a partnership between journalists and readers. To join, go to publicinsight and click on the “get started” link. Ex-wife of bomb suspect: That’s not the man I knew BY MOLLY MCMILLIN The Wichita Eagle In the 10 years Terry Lee Loewen was married to his now ex-wife, Sarah, he was a peaceful, easygoing, quiet man. Loewen, a native Wichitan and graduate of Heights High School, had loving parents and a normal childhood, Sarah Loewen said. “Terry didn’t like confrontation; he was never one to start a fight,” she said. “He was so mellow.” He was a good father to their son, Damien, 24, she said. Terry Loewen has not been part of her life for a long time, Loewen said. Today, she’s angry for what he’s done and what he’s putting their son through. The man who authorities say was capable of planning a suicide attack on Wichita Mid-Continent Please see ARENA, Page 6A 1C Crosswords 5B Help Wanted 8C Local & State 1F Obituaries Please see EX-WIFE, Page 17A 1B Opinion 2B Real Estate 20A-21A Sports 1E Weather $33/< 72'$< <28 0$< 68535Ζ6( <2856(/) Ζ7ȇ6 127 722 /$7( 72 '5Ζ9( )25 7+(  6&+22/ <($5 $33/< 12: _  1 6(1(&$ _  :Ζ&+Ζ7$6&+22/%86'5Ζ9(5&20 1D 8B SUNDAY BY ROY WENZL The Wichita Eagle WOMAN ANGRY ON SON’S BEHALF

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