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snh published by the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven Send a Kid to Camp Makes a Lasting Impression non-profit org. U.S. postage paid permit #2134 New Haven, CT SHALOM NEW HAVEN march - april 2013 / adar - nisan - iyar 5773 About Noa, In Her Own Words enced greatly by the songwriters of the 60’s like Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen. I am very politically active like another hero of mine, Joan Baez, and also deeply connected to my family’s Yemenite roots, which influences my percussion playing and vocal style. Valerie Volonté was six years old when her family moved from Uruguay to Connecticut in April 2004. The Spanishspeaking family began a new life in a new culture and faced new challenges: a language barrier, reestablishing careers, establishing new friendships, and learning the American way of life. Within a few weeks of starting a new job, Valerie’s mother, Adriana, met a woman who would change their lives. She told Adriana of a summer camp that offered a full-day schedule and had bus service. Adriana, who was working full-time, welcomed the idea. Two months later, Valerie was granted a scholarship to the JCC Day Camp on behalf of the Barry Vine Send a Kid to Camp Scholarship Fund. “I love JCC Day Camp – it was the first place I made friends. Everyone was so welcoming and accepting,” said Valerie. “We are like one huge family – I am still close to all the counselors and the campers. Every year I still get so excited to go to camp.” continued on page 5... SNH: You grew up in both the USA and Israel. How has that affected your understanding of expression? And the kind of message you aim to convey? Noa: I was lucky to be raised in the Bronx, New York, and I studied in a religious Jewish school, lived in a non-religious Israeli Yemenite home and hung out with African Americans and Puerto Ricans in the ’hood. I was exposed to a lot of diversity from a young age and that has kept my mind wide open. Israeli singer-songwriter Noa, whose given name is Achinoam Nini, will perform in New Haven on April 24 at Battell Chapel as part of the year-long celebration of Israel at 65. Noa is Israel’s leading international concert and recording artist and her resume encompasses performances and collaborations with artists all over the world. Noa: The people on stage will be Gil Dor, our musical director and guitarist, Gadi Seri on percussion, myself on percussion and voice, and a wonderful string quartet. The set will feature our originals in English and Hebrew, some traditional Yemenite songs and some features from our latest release, “The Israeli Songbook.” Shalom New Haven spoke with Noa to learn more about her and her music. SNH: For those that know you only by name rather than your musical style, how would you describe your art? And what influences you musically? Shalom New Haven: Can you tell us a little about what to expect at your show? Noa: I am a singer-songwriter, influ- SNH: You have become sort of an informal ambassador for some Israelis who share a particular view of compassion and peace – and changes that need to take place in the world. What is that view? Noa: I can summarize it as this: Love your brother as you love yourself. And I mean brother and sister, in the widest and most inclusive sense of the word. SNH: How does that relate to what’s going on in Israel right now for the 65th anniversary? continued on page 8.. Renowned Judaica Artist David Moss Celebrates Israel at 65 in New Haven By Saskia Swenson Moss, Director of Youth and Family Education See pages 8-9 for more about Israel at 65. In November 1987, the White House purchased a copy of the facsimile for President Ronald Reagan to sign and present to President Chaim Herzog as the United States’ official gift for the first state visit of an Israeli president to the United States. On May 14, 1958, at 4 p.m., David Ben-Gurion read the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel. Even before there was a State of Israel, the Greater New Haven community was helping the land to thrive and flourish. We are proud to support Israel and its extraordinary accomplishments. We are equally proud of the efforts and contributions that so many individuals have made on behalf of Israel. We dedicate this year of celebration to peace, freedom and Israel’s success. known for the Moss Haggadah, a handmade manuscript created for a private collection. Copies of the original have been purchased by the rare book rooms at Princeton, Yale, Duke, Harvard, Stanford, and by the New York Public Library, the British Library, the Getty Museum, the Jewish Theological Seminary, just to name a few. As part of Greater New Haven’s celebration of Israel at 65, world-renowned Israel-based artist David Moss is coming to New Haven for an Artist in Residency April 7-15. Moss is best The role of an Artist in Residence is to convey Jewish ideas, texts and values through captivating artistic programming. While in New Haven, Moss will speak to the public and present his artwork at Yale University, meet with local artists to explore creative problem solving, and run an arts program for students from Ezra Academy and Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy. A page of Moss Haggadah that reads “Next year in the rebuilt Jerusalem” Saskia Swenson Moss, the JCC’s director of youth and family education, spoke with Moss about his art and his plans while in New Haven. Swenson Moss knows him well; he is her father-in- law. continued on page 9...

Shalom New Haven March/April 13

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