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2013 Quality of Life Progress Report for Jacksonville and Northeast Florida Message to Jacksonville In January 2013, Jacksonville embarked on an exciting, long term visioning effort – JAX2025. Through this initiative, the community recommended indicators to measure progress towards the vision. As a result, JCCI’s annual Quality of Life Progress Report has undergone a paradigm shift. The nine focus areas previously monitored by JCCI’s Report are now aligned with the ten Targets crafted through JAX2025. The indicators in this report tell the story of a city that is not only turning the corner from the “Great Recession” but is also on the cusp of greatness. The trend lines demonstrate Jacksonville’s resiliency, but being resilient is not enough. Having witnessed the hope, strength, and continued resolve to persevere, residents have seen the potential for greatness and have raised the bar. Like a teacher who sees a student’s potential and pushes them towards success, the 2013 Quality of Life Progress Report asks Jacksonville to live up to its fullest potential, its highest and best aspirations. Aa Bb Jacksonville is advancing in areas that are typically perceived as weaknesses. The unemployment rate and the public high school graduation rate are heading in the right direction. The percent of children without health insurance continues to decline, as does the crime rate. However, despite progress in these areas, Jacksonville has real challenges with which to contend. Disparities persist, demonstrated by indicators housed under the Diverse and Inclusive Target. Serious bicycle accidents continue, and tributary compliance with water quality standards is still on the decline. This progress report provides a lens with which to focus community efforts, and JAX2025 provides the portal for accountability, giving residents and community stakeholders a way and a responsibility to achieve Jacksonville’s vision for the year 2025. Connect with what You Can do to move these indicators in the right direction at Get informed. Get engaged. Take action. Excellence in Education Aa Bb Vision: In 2025, Jacksonville prioritizes excellence in education at every age. The public high school graduation rate has increased for the seventh year in a row. This consistent increase reflects the investment and commitment of community partners. Even though the percentages of students graduating is increasing, we aren’t seeing the same gains in college continuation. The percentage of children ready for kindergarten using ECHOS increased slightly; overall, this number has been stable in recent years. Previous Latest Recent Trend Duval Public HS Graduation Rate 67.7% 72.1% WORSE SAME BETTER Readiness for Kindergarten 86.0% 87.0% WORSE SAME BETTER Percent of HS Graduates Continuing to College 28.6% 25.2% WORSE SAME BETTER Vibrant Economy Vision: In 2025, Jacksonville’s vibrant economy is a global magnet for new business. The educational attainment of Duval County residents continues to increase, which contributes to the local knowledge-based economy. Housing costs (combined owner-occupied and renter-occupied) as a percent of household income have not changed since last year. However, this figure has decreased for owner-occupied housing units and increased for renter-occupied units. Employment in the Transportation and Warehousing sector has grown since last year. Previous Latest Recent Trend 25.5% 26.4% WORSE SAME BETTER Percent of Households paying 30% or more for Housing 41% 41% WORSE SAME BETTER Percent Employment Growth in Transportation and Warehousing Sector -1.2% 0.5% WORSE SAME BETTER Adults holding bachelor’s degree or higher A Place Where People Matter Hub of Smooth Transportation Vision: In 2025, Jacksonville is a place where people matter. The percent of residents who feel safe walking alone at night in their neighborhood has decreased since last year. The percent of people under age 18 that are living in poverty has increased consistently since 2008. The suicide rate, which has increased for the second year in a row, has not been this high since 1991. Survey: Percent who feel ‘safe’ in their neighborhood Twenty-Ninth Annual Edition Children Living in Poverty Suicide Rate (per 100,000 people) Previous Latest Recent Trend 66% 61% WORSE SAME BETTER 23.5% 25.5% WORSE SAME BETTER 14.2 17.1 WORSE SAME BETTER Indicator Champion As a community, we must be dedicated to achieving a vision where all citizens live with the peace of mind that they are safe and their families are secure. ~Michael Ward, CEO Vision: In 2025, Jacksonville is a regional hub of smooth transportation. While bus ridership remains relatively unchanged, our community is traveling fewer vehicle miles than were traveled the previous year. The daily vehicle miles traveled per person have been declining each year since 2008. Serious bicycle accidents have increased dramatically since 2010, and the 2012 figure is the highest data point that has been recorded for this indicator by the Quality of Life Progress Report. Serious Bicycle Accidents (per 100,000 people) Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled (per person) JTA Bus Ridership (per 1,000 people) Previous Latest Recent Trend 26.0 33.9 WORSE SAME BETTER 32.1 31.4 WORSE SAME BETTER 43 42 WORSE SAME BETTER

2013 Quality of Life Progress Report

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