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Dear JACC faculty members and student editors: If there is one most important step for a newspaper staff to take in nailing down its professionalism and protecting itself against its many campus critics, that step is to produce a detailed policy manual. The policy manual is the cornerstone of any publication. Recognizing that need, the Executive Board of JACC has authorized the production of this sample policy manual which can easily to adapted to your newspaper. This is not intended to be the only or even the best way to do things on a campus newspaper. But it is one way. It is a way which has been successful for some of our most prominent college members. This document is presented in disk form (Macintosh WriteNow 3.0 or IBM) to ease the adoption of a policy manual for your newspaper. Feel free to eliminate, add or change any of the material listed in the sample. Place the name of your newspaper and college in the appropriate places by substituting for the existing copy. In some places, editorial notes have been added to explain the background behind the listed policy, to show an option you may prefer to the one listed or to suggest wide discussion before formal adoption of the policy. But whether you decide to use the policy as given, to use the policy in a very streamlined version or to use a fine-tuned version consistent with the special situation(s) found at your college, the primary concern of JACC is to provide the easiest way possible for you to put a policy in place at the earliest possible moment. The joy that comes from being able to refer an irate letter writer, campus administrator or unreasonable advertiser to a well written policy that was passed months or even years before the current situation became a problem is a genuine pleasure. It shows the professionalism that comes with planning and following well known procedures. It takes the fire out of your critics’ bards when you know you have done the right thing or at least have made a considered decision on how to handle certain situations. If you have any questions about the issues raised in the policy manual, please contact any JACC officer for comment or discussion. Once you have produced your own finished policy manual, you should

Model Policy Manual

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