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spirituality | psychology | integration ITP Graduate Education Integrating Psychology and Spirituality since 1975 Residential Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology ITP’s program is the first Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology to integrate a spiritual orientation with APA accreditation standards. This orientation is predicated on research demonstrating that the presence of spiritual and/or religious practices in a person’s life has significant and long-lasting benefits for psychological and physical health. The program integrates nondenominational spirituality and an understanding of major world religious beliefs and practices into training to be a clinical psychologist. Spiritual issues, spiritual practices, and culturally-based religious practices are integral to all areas of the program, including research, assessment, and therapy. Grounded in ITP’s innovative whole-person approach to education, the Psy.D. program focuses on experiential learning aimed at facilitating personal and spiritual maturity, evidence-based spiritually-oriented clinical training, and research on spiritually-oriented clinical interventions. The curriculum includes a broad course of study in the science of clinical psychology, one year of practice in Aikido, study of the world’s religious and wisdom traditions, consciousness studies, evidence-based practices using spiritual interventions, and a third year mentorship/apprenticeship format in which each student may design a program integrating a specific spiritual practice with their clinical application. Our Training Includes: 1) Professional training grounded in the broad and general foundations of the science of clinical psychology; 2) investigation of the significance of ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, and cultural differences upon human development, models of change, and spiritual expression; 3) spiritual approaches, knowledge, practices, and expertise relevant to clinical practice; and 4) research demonstrating how spiritual expertise is relevant and useful in clinical psychology practice. Psy.D. Program Features: • Spirituality integrated into clinical coursework and training • Accomplished faculty actively involved in spiritually-oriented clinical research and practice • Cohort-based learning community of like-minded students • Year-long mentorship/ apprenticeship with clinical faculty • Two years of practica and one year (1500 hours) of internship • Research and dissertation focus on spiritually-oriented clinical psychology topic relevant to the student and the field of clinical psychology Career Applications: • Licensed Psychologist, supervisory or team leader in a mental health/substance abuse/ corrections agency • Licensed Psychologist in private practice • Supervisor in private practice • Teaching faculty • Research faculty • Licensed Psychologist in consulting practice For more information, contact 650-493-4430, ext. 216

Residential Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology Program Information

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