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KEY EVENTS 27-28 February 2012 Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport 13-14 March 2012 CCD.Süd Messe Düsseldorf, Germany INVERtER & PV SYStEM tECHNOLOGY FORuM ENERGY StORAGE - INtERNAtIONAL SuMMIt FOR tHE StORAGE OF RENEWABLE ENERGIES At the Inverter and PV System Technology Forum in San Francisco, 27-28 February, the interaction of a PV system‘s electrical components will be the main focus. The conference, hosted in Germany and in the US, takes a close look at national market characteristics: The US emphasizes on-grid integration of large-scale installations and its distinct certification requirements. The program will help advance BoS and inverter performance on a broader level and offers new insights on system cost development. Visit: IPVEA MEMBER BENEFITS IPVEA, a partner of this event, can offer 10% additional discount to its network. Use the discount code pvst20spx when registering: Checkin.aspx?EventID=1040713 5-6 April 2012 Bristol Hotel, Odessa, Ukraine CISOLAR-2012 Conference on Solar Energy in Eastern Europe and the CIS – CISOLAR 2012 – is a key event for players in the solar energy industry whose activity includes projects in emerging markets in Eastern Europe and the CIS. CISOLAR continues the success of the forum REF-2011 which, for the last several years, has been the leading business forum in the field of renewable energy in the CIS. The role that energy storage plays in future energy supplies is the topic of ‘Energy Storage – International Summit for the Storage of Renewable Energies (organised by Messe Düsseldorf in cooperation with Solarpraxis AG). The inaugural conference, with accompanying technical exhibition, will focus on practical feasibility. Representatives from research, industry, politics and energy supply will converge to shed light on commercially viable applications and innovative concepts for energy storage as well as on their potential and affordability. Chairman of the Programme Committee is Prof. Dr. Eicke R. Weber, Spokesman of the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance and Head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy systems in Freiburg. Session themes include:  Overall Context of Energy Management and the Role of Storage Technologies for future Energy Supply  Electrochemical Storage (Batteries)  Thermal Storage  Renewable Hydrogen and Methane - Power-to-Gas  Large scale Hydro Storage and European Grid Integration  On-Grid electrical Energy Storage - Systems Design Finally, there will be a discussion involving all session leaders about the status quo of the technology, applications and innovations and about the future prospects for energy storage. The conference will be in English with simultaneous translation into German. IPVEA MEMBER BENEFITS IPVEA MEMBER BENEFITS IPVEA members are entitled to a 10% discount to the event and also to 4th International Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Forum REF, 16-17 October 2012 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Special rate for IPVEA members to attend the conference early bird fee €795 (instead of standard application fee of €945 / late bird fee of €1,095) 8 | IPVEA UPDATE | FEBRUARY 2012

IPVEA Update February 2012

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