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‘Iolani School Benefits The human resource department assists employees with their benefit packages. The following are some of the benefits available to full-time faculty and staff. HEALTH CARE PLANS ‘Iolani School participates with various carriers that offer health insurance. The School pays 75% of the cost, and the eligible employee contributes up to 25% of the cost. DENTAL CARE PLAN ‘Iolani School participates with a carrier that offers dental insurance. The School pays 75% of the cost, and the eligible employee contributes 25%. OTHER INSURANCE Group term life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and long term disability insurance are employer-paid benefits. RETIREMENT PLAN ‘Iolani School participates in a 403(b) tax-deferred annuity program through TIAA-CREF. After one year of service, participation in the retirement plan is mandatory for all eligible employees. Contribution is 5% of salary which is matched by the school with an additional 10%. ‘Iolani School also participates in the Supplemental Retirement Annuities program with TIAA CREF. FLEXIBLE BENEFITS PLAN (CAFETERIA PLAN) The Flexible Benefits Plan allows faculty and staff to deduct medical and dental insurance premiums (which are paid through payroll deduction), unreimbursed medical and dental expenses, and dependent care expenses all on a pre-tax basis. On campus housing for eligible faculty is offered on a space available basis. Additional employee benefits include tuition remission for one child, discounted summer school tuition, a mortgage loan assistance program, cable and Internet discounts, and a wellness program. ‘Iolani School 563 Kamoku Street Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96826 (808)943-5355 School and Community Founded in 1863 during the reign of King Kamehameha IV as a small mission school for young men, ‘Iolani School has evolved into one of the largest and most highly and respected independent coeducational schools in the nation. Approximately 1,875 talented students of diverse racial and religious heritage now attend this K-12 day school (with 1,326 in grades 7 - 12), which is historically related to the Episcopal Church. ‘Iolani students pursue a rigorous program of academic studies that includes Advancement Placement courses in more than 20 subjects. Through its religious, athletic, and extracurricular programs, the school also strives to intensify and broaden the capacities of its students so that they enter the world not only with trained minds but also with a sense of personal worth and responsibility to mankind. ‘Iolani graduates are regularly welcomed at a broad range of the nation’s most selective colleges and universities, and the school’s alumni are an accomplished and loyal group who retain strong ties to their alma mater. Timothy R. Cottrell, Ph.D Head of School Carey S. Inouye, Ph.D Dean of Instruction, Registrar Ann K. Yoneshige Interim Dean of Upper School B. Tate Brown Dean of Students, Upper School Todd R. Fleming Director of College Counseling Glenn Ching Director of Finance Gerald M. Teramae Dean of Lower School Tracy K.H. Kimura Director of Counseling Lucy Frost Lewis Director of Advancement Kelly M.F. Monaco Director of Admission Stephanie Ching Human Resources Manager ‘Iolani also welcomed Head of School Timothy R. Cottrell, Ph.D. on July 1, 2012. With years of proven leadership experience and the vision to move ‘Iolani forward, Dr. Cottrell has already made a positive impact on the school and the community-at-large. In 2013, ‘Iolani will open the $23 million Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership which will be dedicated to the development of 21st century learning skills. The school will also implement a One-toOne Education Initiative in the 2013-14 school year which will put an iPad in the hands of each student in grades K-12. Cathy Lee Chong Director of Communication Located on a modern 25-acre urban campus in the cosmopolitan city of Honolulu, ‘Iolani is blessed with magnificent human, physical, and financial resources, including a superb faculty and an endowment of more than $145 million. In 2009, ‘Iolani School purchased 5.5 acres of land adjacent to the campus for possible campus expansion in the future. Head of School Dr. Timothy R. Cottrell is well-respected by faculty and students.

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