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CHURCH LIFE: A JOURNAL FOR THE NEW EVANGELIZATION Church Life is published quarterly by the Institute for Church Life University of Notre Dame 372 Geddes Hall Notre Dame, IN 46556 Church Life explores the theological and pastoral roots of the new evangelization, with particular attention to catechesis, liturgy, adult theological education, a spirituality of vocation, and the formation of ordained and lay ministers. Manuscript submissions may be sent to Columns are 1,000 words, articles no more than 3,000 words, and more substantive essays 5,000-7,000 words. For style, see The Chicago Manual of Style and the USCCB Style Guide.

EDITORIAL Editor: Timothy P. O’Malley Designer: Krista Seidl

DIRECTORS OF THE INSTITUTE FOR CHURCH LIFE Director: John C. Cavadini, Ph.D. Assistant Director: Jennifer A. Monahan, M.A. Catholic Social and Pastoral Research Initiative: Brian Starks, Ph.D. Echo: Faith Formation Leadership Program: Colleen Moore, M.Div. Initiative on Spirituality in the Professions: Br. Robert Sylvester, C.S.C. Notre Dame Center for Liturgy: Timothy P. O’Malley, Ph.D. Notre Dame Vision: Leonard DeLorenzo, M.A. Satellite Theological Education Program (STEP): Thomas C. Cummings, M.Div. University Life Initiatives: Mary K. Daly © 2012 Institute for Church Life

Church Life: A Journal for the New Evangelization (Winter 2012)