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EXPLORE YOUR PAST, ENRICH YOUR FUTURE 5 The secrets to dating old photographs Friendly Societies: What can they reveal about your family? Tips for tracing Chinese ancestors hill! c e t th Bea sites eb i t h w p w ch 46 hel sear to re ur o y Living in Tilly devine’s neighbourhood AUS $10.50 INCL$10.50 GST NZ $11.95 INCL GST AUSTRALIA INCL GST PRINTED ON FSC-APPROVED PAPER MAR–APR 2011 JUL–AUG 2011 771838 504008 504008 99 771838 ISSN1838-5044 1838-5044 ISSN 02 05 Jul  – Aug 2011 Ce l a i c e p s s u ns y famil e p l e h ur u c anf the fut o y how rians o histo

Issue 5: Jul-Aug 2011

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