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IN's 1st Annual Pet Issue by Joani Delezen Pet lovers are a special breed. We can attest to that fact because most of our staff are pet lovers and owners. We think nothing of dropping cash on silly things like sweaters for our four-legged friends. Or important things like hip surgery. We buy the highest-quality, organic food for them we can get our hands own (even though we eat crap like Easy Mac). We gladly take them for walks around the same dog park week after week. We take more photos of them than of our significant others (and even our children in some cases) and we never tire of showing people those photos. We can't help it—we're just that in love with our pets. We created this Pet Issue with that special, one-of-a-kind love in mind. From Q&A’s with vets, to do-ityourself pet food recipes, we tried to include everything that matters to us as pet owners. Plus we had some fun. We talked to a pet psychic, got some confessions from "crazy" cat ladies and trolled the Internet for the best pet blogs around. We also got some adorable reader submitted pet photos, plus photos of each of our staff pets—so get ready for that cuteness. Most importantly, we talked to area shelters and rescues on the importance of adopting a pet and how you can actually go about doing it. So even if you aren't a totally in love pet owner yet, you can be. Tucker / photo by Samantha Crooke August 23, 2012 9

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