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in good priceless New App Brighton trainer Anne Osovski creates fitness apps for adults, children Rochester–Genesee Valley Healthcare Newspaper July 2013 • Issue 95 Doctors for Dollars Some local doctors and health organizations receive money from drug companies to recommend their products raising conflict of interest issues. One doctor has received almost $1 million since 2009. Which is Healthier? Subway or MacDonald’s: Where are you going to find a healthier sandwich? Dr. Hart & Dr. Hart Father and son tackling a growing problem: hearing loss Page 17 Grilling & Cancer Dana-Farber nutritionist offers tips to reduce cancer risk while grilling Page 13 URMC Student Bikes Across America Mindful Awareness Practice is becoming popular but what is it? New Unity dentist devoted to treating the homeless Medical Residency The first months are the most stressful for most, according to residents Page 8 July 2013 • Second-year medical student Cara Hall is taking part in the Big Ride Across America, a seven-week, 3,300-mile bicycle ride across America to raise money and awareness for the American Lung Association and its research. Page 4 IN GOOD HEALTH – Rochester / Genesee Valley Healthcare Newspaper • Page 1

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