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SYMBOLISM THE PHILOSOPHICAL RESEARCH SOCIETY Manly P. Hall P.R.S. is a nonprofit organization founded in 1934 by Manly Palmer Hall for the purpose of providing thoughtful persons rare access to the depth and breadth of the world’s wisdom literature. The Society is entirely free from doctrinal, political, or ecclesiastical control and therefore provides a learning environment sheltered from any interest intending to coerce or convert. The Society's University and programs make a harmonious personal integration of religion, philosophy, and the science of psychology possible. The goal of this institution is to enable the individual to develop a mature philosophy of life in association with a diverse and stimulating community of others, each dedicated to understanding and appreciating their unique possibilities in the unfolding universal pattern. THE P.R.S. PUBLISHING BOOK CATALOG The works produced by PRS, most of which are written by Manly P. Hall, probe the life mysteries and spiritual issues about which every inquisitive individual is concerned. Whether you are interested in creating a personal library penetrating philosophical insights or just beginning you own personal search for enlightenment, you will find the works featured here valuable steps as you pass on through the "gates of wisdom" to the greater world around you.

Manly P. Hall - Symbolism

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