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MISTAKES THAT LEADERS MAKE SME DOC 5 WAYS TO CUT YOUR CREDIT RISK YOUR BUSINESS PROBLEMS SOLVED DECEMBER 2010  VOLUME 2  ISSUE 4  Rs 100 FUTURE PROOF YOUR BUSINESS 25 tech tools and trends that will ready you for tomorrow HOW TO: CLASSROOMS Investment Opportunities in the Education Sector TECH 1. Assess Your Training 2. Set up an Advisory Board 3. Forecast Demand 4. Structure Your Organization 5. Hire the Right People 6. Do Business in West Bengal 7. Find a Co-founder Buying Apps in the Google Cloud IN CONVERSATION Richard Boucher of the OECD on India’s Entrepreneurial Economy VIVEK PAUL, once the poster boy of the Indian software industry, is back − this time in enterprise tech 10 SONGS THAT FIRE ENTREPRENEURIAL PASSION

Entrepreneur December 2010

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