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#independenceamazing INDE PEN DENCE AMA ZING it’s free, folks! ial r c e Sp n fo io edit Indie H BOOT A G ME The Adventurous Art of Playing Nr. 0 Das Interview-Special mit Kelly Wallick und Christopher Floyd, den Köpfen hinter Indie MEGABOOTH on page 3 ACHTUNG Read this very carefully: RAINBLASTER is a new-school type-in game by McPIXEL developer Sos on page 8 ! h a Ye Dear reader, it‘s the first time in the 5 years history of the A MAZE. Festival that we are treading into new territory by publishing a magazine at Gamescom in Cologne 2014. We are extremely excited that Kelly Wallick and Christopher Floyd are taking a big step across an ocean by bringing their successful show from the US to Germany, and giving us the opportunity to spread the zeitgeist with our special Indie MEGABOOTH edition. Why release a magazine? We are in an age where independent games transcend their medium and experiment with new media and games as an art form. Where game designers are not just designers, but authors, artists, filmmakers or even activists. They experiment in a boundless playful matter that oversteps the medium of games and effects us as a human being. This magazine is a reflection of our passion of what we do, like and live for. A portal to the adventurous art of play. You will find essays, a new-school typein game, a text game playable throughout the pages of this newspaper, an interview with the maker of Indie MEGABOOTH, illustrations, comics, poems and more… MUCH MORE! Thanks to all the partners and contributors who supported us and made this paper a reality. It was great fun putting everything together. Let‘s do it again! Enjoy reading. Kisses Thorsten S. Wiedemann, Editor in chief. @st0rn0 Rami Ismail: I Always Mention I Made a Game About Fishing With Machine Guns, too on page 18 Play the paper! The textgame „EYES THAT WATCH“ by A MAZE. Audience Award winner Jerry Belich starts here. Find the jump points in the paper! 00 -------------------------------Hey, pssst. Where are we right now? Something feels weird... -----------------------------------› We‘re fine. (goto 3) › Yeah...hmm... (goto 5) ------------------------------------

A MAZE. Magazine No.0 - Edition: Independence Amazing

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