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June 5 - 25, 2009 Rp 5000 Your guide to this island Vol. XI, No. 13 C12-103/VIII © gus primarta Ardha Candra, open stage at Bali Art Centre where the Bali Art Festival will be held The 31st BAF Opened by President of the RI: Promoting Balinese Culture: st The 31 BAF to Highlight Traditional Culinary There is something different in the Bali Arts Festival (31st BAF) in this year 2009. Other than consistently presenting the five main aspects of the BAF program such as the art parade, performance, parade/ race, exhibition and seminar, this annual event centralized at Denpasar Art Center, also displays a new attraction in the form of typical traditional culinary from each regency and city throughout Bali. culinary arts that are no less interesting. A culinary booth will be centralized in the south of the Ksiraarnawa building that was previously used as booth for handicraft exhibition by the Bali Office of In- dustrial and Trade Services. “In essence, this attraction is meant to introduce to the young generation that Bali is actually very rich in food heritages,” he said. (Cont. on page 17) Route of the Arts Parade Relocated the past 30 years, event, Saturday (13/6) evening at W ithin the Bali Arts Festival the Ardha Candra amphitheater, (BAF) has always been opened by state’s officials ranging from minister, vice president up to the president. In addition, the opening ceremony usually coincided with the arts parade and then the officials watched it at the amphitheater of Denpasar Art Center. However, in the upcoming 31st BAF, the president will be scheduled to officially open the Taman Budaya or Denpasar Art Center. Having opened the BAF, President will be proceeded to watch a drama-dance performance entitled Bima Swarga composed by the artists of Bali Provincial Government. It was said by the Subdivision Head of Arts and Film, Bali Office of Cultural Services, Made Santa, at his office recently. (Cont. on page 17) I Made Santa, Secretary of the Committee accompanied by Culinary Coordinator Pak Kakul said that the highlight of traditional culinary is intended to more promote Balinese culture to the external world. Balinese culture does not only consist of the art performances, but also In this issue Food & Beverage 3 Balinese Life 5 Looking Back at Your Activities Consulates in Bali 6 10 Gallery 15 Sport & Recreations 19 Our Guest 20 C12-02 C12-03

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