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2 0 1 2 - 2 0 1 3 the Department of Hispanic Studies Newsletter Inside this Issue Editor’s Note: ¡Hola! This newsletter aims to keep students and alumni up to date of our activities and achievements. We encourage you to contact us with any news that you would like to share. Please email us at or visit us at, don’t forget to list what year you graduated! A special thank you to my student assistant, Melissa Ramirez (‘14), for helping me put this year’s newsletter. Christina Isabelli Editor’s Note Current Student Activities o Internships o Teaching Spanish From Our Alums Faculty Accomplishments Past events John Wesley Powell Research Conference Hispanic Studies during the Year Pictures Luis Leal Fund Save the Date! Fall 2013 Events Social Justice Café Tucci Colloquium Annual HS Dinner September 16, 4p Davidson Room “Which Way is Home” September 26, 4pm Beckman Auditorium Speaker: Kate Regan “Trekking with Quixote in the 21st Century” September 26, 5pm Theme: “Muslim Traditions in Spanish Culture”

Hispanic Studies Department Newsletter - 2013

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