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ILIM COLLEGE Newsletter DATE: 05/02/2009 Volume:1 Hadith: On the authorıty of Abu Sa’eed and Abu Hurairah ( may Allah be Important Dates pleased with them) who said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), said: : “For any trouble, illness, worry, grief, hurt or sorrow which afflicts a Muslim, even the picking of a thorn, Allah removes in its place some of his minor sins.” (Bukhari and Muslim) Note: Please do not litter due to Islamic Content Assalamu Alaikum, A very warm welcome to all students, parents and staff to the 2009 academic year at Ilim College. We have over 1000 students this year and a special welcome is extended to all new students and staff at the college. I am very proud to report on the VCE success of 2008. Once again we had a 100% pass rate and 80% of Year 12 students were offered a tertiary place. I would like to inform you that Ilim College students achieved outstanding VCE results leading them on to their chosen tertiary studies. Ilim College Staff are extremely proud of the range of achievements demonstrated not 02 Feb 09 Monday VCE/VCAL Info Evening 17 Feb 09 Tuesday 7:00pm—8:30pm P r i n c i p a l ’s M e s s a g e Dear Parents, Students and Staff, All Students Start Secondary year 7 – 10 Information Evening 7:00pm—8:30pm 19 Feb 09 Thursday Primary Information Evening 26 Feb 09 Thursday school uniform. Policies on all dress codes and behaviour are clearly outlined in the Last Day for EMA Application 27 Feb 09 Friday student’s diary. We need and appreciate your total support to maintain a high standard of behaviour and appearance of Curriculum Day No School for Students 06 Mar 09 Friday Labour Day Public Holiday (No School for Students) 09 Mar 09 Monday College and follow the car parking entry and exit plan that is attached. It is delightful to see our students start the school year looking fresh and smart in full the students. We have zero tolerance for misbehaving students at the college. If they breach any policies or rules at the school, they will be expelled straight away. Last day for students 2 Apr 09 I look forward to meeting many of our parents at information evenings over the coming weeks. Term 1 Ends 3 Apr 09 Friday only at the VCE level but also across the secondary and primary year levels. I wish you a happy and productive schooling year. During the summer holidays, we have completed the synthetic grass area and parents’ car park entrance gate. Parents May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon you all. Parent-Teacher Interview Interim Report Distribution 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Term 2 Begins 20 Apr 09 In this Issue: must use the new car parking areas and the new car park entrance at the back of the library. It is important to be aware and adhere to some basic safety rules around the Curriculum Day 6 March 2009 • Principal’s Message • Message from Vice Principals • Education Maintenance Allowance • School Uniform, Diary, Hats and Bags • Hair Style for School • Lateness /Absences Notes • Participation in School Excursions • Rewards for Year 12 Students • After School Tutoring • Medical Authorization Forms • Mob. Phones, Discman, iPod & Jewellery • Uniform/Uniform-Bookshop Hours • Primary/Secondary Staff Allocations • Message from School Bursar • Announcements Public Holiday • Message from the library • Canteen Price List—2009 ~ No school for Students • Stars of 2008 • Turkish Newsletter/Arabic Newsletter • Car Park Map/ EMA Information Wassalam Yusuf Kirca PRINCIPAL Labour Day 9 March 2009 No school for Students Page 1

Feb Ilim Newsletter

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