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Participate Prove Create Analytical Skills Problem Solving Skills Memory Creative Thinking Observation ExploreExperiment Senior Set C NOTE 1. Check that this question paper has 16 printed pages. Kindly contact the room invigilator if you find any page missing or not printed. 2. This question paper has 25 multiple choice questions. Every question has 4 options, out of which only ONE is correct. In case more than one option appears to be correct, choose the most suitable option. 3. There will be NO negative marking in any question. 4. You will be given an OMR sheet to answer the questions. You have to fill your answer choice for each question on the OMR sheet. 5. The OMR sheet has to be filled using an HB pencil only. Use of any other kind of pencil or pen is strictly prohibited. 6. The proper way to fill the bubble is to color it completely using the pencil. Do not scribble, cross or tick your bubbles to mark them as answers. 7. Please note that the question paper will NOT be explained in any form whatsoever. 8. At the end of the examination, you are supposed to hand over the OMR sheet to the invigilator. You can take the question paper along with you.

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