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WWW.IHEARTAU.COM APRIL 2011 IT’S WHEELY GREAT! MUSIC & REVIEWS CURRENT AFFAIRS GIGS & EVENTS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT FREE - featuring - The Strokes “Sometimes I wish that people would lower their expectations of what we might do” The Mongol Rally Across the planet in a beaten-up Berlingo – two men relive the trip of a lifetime LIGHTS, CAMERA… ULSTER! Bel Air to Belfast: How cinema’s big names are enjoying a Northern Irish welcome Boxcutter Five years at the cutting edge: an electronic pioneer profiled Mark Thomas The arch-provocateur on Israel and Palestine, Paisley and McGuinness, and Irish stone circles… Girls Names A pint and a sit-down with the Sound of Young Belfast HOLY GHOST! | BC-ONE | THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART | BROCCOLI | WOODY ALLEN | APPLE | CAPTAIN BEEFHEART | THE CAST OF CHEERS

AU Magazine Issue 72

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