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A collection of ideas from iiD ideas in 2011 This ebook is a collection of iiD blog posts that tell the story of digital in 2011. This newsletter acts as a springboard for 2012 for your brand or agency. 2011: iiD & beyond A year of change and new ideas By Lance Shields Put simply, 2011 was all about bright beginnings for Ideas in Digital (iiD). Matt and myself moved back to San Francisco to join forces after more than 10 years on different continents. Sitting side by side at 120 Green in the summer months, we built our marketing strategy, a new CI for iiD and focused our message around becoming a “digital connections agency” that “builds friendship through emerging technology”. From there we moved on to find new clients and partners which we were glad to see was made easier by taking the time to put up our shingle in the right way. We also found out that brands and agencies have big needs at the tail-end of the recession. The question we keep hearing is “How can we build strategies and implement iiD ideas in 2011 around social and mobile strategy?” Luckily that’s what iiD was set up to do. We have a blog minimally dubbed “Ideas” that documents a lot of the trends and project research we’ve shared in 2011. They range from why creatives don’t get social to the legacy of Steve Jobs to how our reading habits are changing with the web to how to reach affluents in digital. We hope you find them useful or at least amusing and hope to see your comments on our blog in 2012. The ideas blog: 1

Ideas in 2011 - an ebook by iiD

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