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UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA IDEAS 1/23/14 3:55 PM INNOVATION. DESIGN. EXPERIENCES. ACTIVITES. SYNERGY COLLEGE OF EDUCATION A Note from Wendy Loewenstein: IDEAS ROOM Coordinator “Always  bear  in  mind  that  your  own  resolution  to  succeed  is  m ore  important   than  any  other.”    Abraham  Lincoln       UPCOMING NOTES: 1 2 At  the  start  of  any  New  Year  most  of  us  write  a  list  of  resolutions.  W hether  or   not  you  wrote  yours  down  or  have  them  in  your  head,  the  IDEAS  Room  staff   Student wants  to  help  you  accomplish  your  resolutions.  Granted,  we  can’t  help  much   Organization Fair: with  exercise  or  weight  loss,  but  we  can  help  you  meet  your  professional  goals.   Jan. 29th Perhaps  you  want  to  learn  about  and  explore  more  instructional  technology   10:00 AM- 3:00 PM applications?  If  so,  consider  attending  one  of  our  monthly  GAGA  technology   GAGA for Study Tools: training  sessions.  The  dates  and  times  of  our  February  sessions  on  study  tool   Mark your calendars! applications  are  listed  on  the  side  of  this  newsletter.  Maybe  you  want  to  get   -Monday, February 10th @ 11:30 AM -Tuesday, February 11th @ 10:00 AM -Wednesday, February 12th @ 1:15 PM -Thursday, February 13th @ 5:00 PM For more information see page 4. more  involved  in  student  organizations  at  UNO?  This  is  a  great  way  to  network   with  students  and  volunteer  in  the  community.  The  IDEAS  Room  will  be  hosting   a  Student  Organization  Fair  on  W ednesday,  January  29th,  for  you  to  learn  about   some  organizations  in  which  you  can  get  involved.  So,  if  you  have  already  given   up  on  some  resolutions,  here  is  your  chance  to  start  over  and  take  advantage  of   some  opportunities  that  are  just  a  few  steps  away…in  the  IDEAS  Room.   Candy Hearts Contest Starting in February, come by the IDEAS room to put your math skills to the test. There will be a jar of candy hearts; the closest guess to the correct amount will earn a prize. 1

Spring 2014 #1

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