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edition Supplement to The Preston Citizen • June 2014 Daytona 2450 By RODNEY D. BOAM Citizen editor The name of the biggest dairy in the county, located in Dayton, was changed last year from G&H dairy to the Daytona Dairy. Why Daytona? Maybe, it is because owner John Gomez’s son, Jonathan, is a professional NASCAR driver. Jonathan competes in the NASCAR West Series and Rocky Mountain Challenge Series as well as at tracks in the Twin Falls area. He was part of the NASCAR Drive for Diversity D4D program and has become one of the top performers on the circuit. He won’t race anywhere with less than a $10,000 purse. Jonathan started racing motorcycles when he was seven-years-old in the mini stacks at Twin Falls. At 12 years old he was riding the Southern Idaho circuit for motocross. When he was 25 years old a friend dragged him to watch cars race on a round track and he was hooked. He found a beater, bought it and raced it; and it all took off from there. Besides driving fast cars, he owns Century Motorsports and Marine in Twin Falls. When Jonathan is not racing on the oval track or running his motorsports dealership, he runs a custom agchopping business. In the fall of the year he can be found in Franklin County and the Magic Valley areas cutting corn or grain. His father, John Gomez, was a partner in G&H Dairy until 2013, when the partnership dissolved. That was when Gomez took over the operation as sole owner of Daytona Dairy. He renamed the facility at the prompting of one of the employees, Larry Olson. Olson knew John’s son was a racecar driver and figured it was a good fit. Daytona Dairy has seen some changes over the years. In the beginning Jim and Roy Naylor raised cattle and sheep on the ground and built the original corrals. It was later sold to Fred and Brent Coats, who built the first dairy on the premises. The Coats then sold it to businessman Vern Curtis, who later sold it to Brice Checketts. Checketts later sold it to G&H Dairy. When G&H Dairy dissolved, submitted photo Jonathan Gomez is a NASCAR driver. His father is John Gomez, owner of Daytona Dairy in Dayton. Gomez took over sole ownership of Holstein cows and produces 200,000 pounds milk a day. the dairy. Daytona dairy milks around 2,450 All of their milk goes to IFA. Citizen photo by RODNEY D. BOAM Abel Castillo, a worker at Daytona Dairy, prepares cows to be milked. The dairy is the largest in Franklin County and milks 2,450 cows per day.

Preston Citizen Dairy Days 2014

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