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C OSTA C AR T RADER Costa Blanca South - Edition 58 September 2012 z Auto Magazine FEATURES THIS MONTH Justo Quesada’s Cars - Silverstone Classic - McLaren X-1 Olympic Rolls Royces - Elvis’s Cars - Stefan Johansson UND ARO 0 0 3 I T A GR ALE S R FO BEST PRICE - BEST SERVICE THE ONLY MAGAZINE OF ITS KIND! TYRE REPAIRS AND SALES CARS - VANS - LORRIES - MOTORBIKES - QUADS Air-Con Regassing 966 721 917 40€ 652 239 970 FM Torrevieja S R A C E E FR S Repsol Los Montesinos w w w. n e u m a t i c o s m a n o l o r u i z e h i j o s . c o m

CCT September 2012

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