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911:OCCULT SYMBOLISM • Occult Symbolism pages: o Part I (Egyptian symbolism: Mythology, Pyramid, All-seeing Eye, Obelisk) o Part II (Astrology) o Part III (Stars) o Part IV (Cross, Fasces, Arrows, Death, Satanism, Bell) o Part VI (Circle symbolism: Circle, Intertwined circles, Infinity, Energy spiral) o Part VII (Deities) o Part VIII (Colors) o Part IX (Alphabets) o Part X (Animals) o Part XI (Plants) o Part XII (Sexuality) o Part XIII (Alchemy) o Part XIV (Masonic symbolism) o Part XV (Masonic places) o Part XVI (Gestures: Hand signs) Contents • • • • 1 Intro 2 Links 3 Egyptian o 3.1 Egyptian mythology o 3.2 Pyramid o 3.3 Pyramid logos o 3.4 Step pyramid o 3.5 Pyramid and All-seeing Eye o 3.6 All-seeing Eye o 3.7 Obelisk 4 Further research o 4.1 Egyptian elemements o 4.2 Other elemements Intro Important note: The symbols on these pages are not intrinsically sinister by themselves. Much of the symbols are beautiful examples of applied geometry or elements of nature, and have cultural origins that are probably much older and more benign/spiritual than their prominent masonic usage by some people and their organizations today. However, it is clear some people want to associate those various symbols with their secret and subversive societies. Those societies use occult symbolism as a secret language of carefully hidden knowledge, and to hide their relations and agenda. Some (many?) societies may not be fully aware of the real esoteric meaning of the symbolism, since that often requires in depth knowledge of a lot of different topics: nature observations (astronomy, cataclysms, life cycles, human consciousness), early civilizations (mythology, shamanism, art, magic), technological/political/religious history, etc. So discovering the usage of these symbols does demand further research into:


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