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VOL. 2 | ISSUE 42 | EDITORIAL@THEHUDSONVALLEYNEWS.COM JANUARY 26-FEBRUARY 1, 2011 YOUR SOURCE FOR LOCAL NEWS AND EVENTS. INSIDE: ETHICS CHARGES IN POUGHKEEPSIE; CUOMO AT MARIST; FDR’S GYMNASTICS CHAMPS; POLICE BLOTTER MICHAEL DUPREE HONORED BY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE {P.4} PRICE: $1.00 ‘I DON’T LIE LIKE ALL YOU PEOPLE’ HIGHWAY SUPER TEES OFF ON MARTINO BY JIM LANGAN NEW ADVENTURE ATTRACTION OPENING {P.26} HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE HUDSON VALLEY: THE UNITED NATIONS IN HYDE PARK? Photo by Nicole DeLawder. {P.5} Near the conclusion of a routine, if not boring, town board meeting, Highway Superintendent Walt Doyle lashed out at Supervisor Tom Martino for failing to respond to his frequent requests to have his invoices paid. A frustrated Doyle took to the floor and savaged Martino for putting the town’s safety and reputation in danger by not paying his department’s vendors. He began by asking Martino if he had read his e-mail. Martino reluctantly acknowledged having received it (the e-mail is printed in full for our readers). Doyle then said to the board, “Not one of you responded.” When a chastened Martino said he had been too busy to respond, Doyle said, “You were probably holding an illegal meeting behind closed doors, trying to figure out how to cut my salary.” He was referring to Martino’s attempt in late 2010 to lower Doyle’s salary during budget deliberations. The town attorney was unaware it is illegal to cut the salary of an elected official. Doyle suggested Martino find an attorney familiar with municipal law. Doyle went on to say Martino didn’t “know his own policies” regarding the payment of vendors. “Nothing gets done around here,” he said. When Martino, assisted by Councilman Michael Taylor, attempted to spin the failure to pay the bills in a timely fashion, a frustrated Doyle said, “I tell the truth. I don’t lie like all you people.” Before leaving, Doyle challenged the board, “If you’ve got something to say, say it now before I leave.” The gutless Taylor held his tongue until Doyle exited the building but by then the damage was done. It was yet another THIS WEEK’S WEATHER: ABOVE FREEZING! h > starting on page 9 Hudson Valley example of the depths to which this board has sunk in the realm of public discourse and integrity. Doyle joined a growing chorus of people unhappy with Martino and the way things are being run at Town Hall. Last week, we reported the local Republican Town Committee is unlikely to re-nominate Martino or Taylor out of concern for their horrific performance thus far. In an e-mail addressed to Martino and members of the town board, Doyle referenced Martino’s “failure of policy.” The issue concerns the competency and policies implemented by Martino and the recently hired town comptroller > continued on next page FIND US ONLINE: WWW.THEHUDSONVALLEYNEWS.COM TO SUBSCRIBE Send check to P.O. Box 268, Hyde Park, NY 12538 $42 in county/year $56 out of county/year weekend CELEBRATING LOCAL: MUSIC, THEATER, ART, FILM AND MORE WHAT’S HAPPENING THIS WEEK: {P. 10} “WINTER FEST” BRINGS SOUTHERN TALES TO THE CATSKILLS {P. 11} BACON BROTHERS BENEFITS CHILDREN’S PHILANTHROPY {PLUS} VISUAL ART AT VASSAR; POUNDSTONE FOR LIBRARIES {P.10} {P.11}


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