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CUNY in the Heights/Hostos Community College 108 Cooper Street, New York, N.Y. 10034 College for Kids - Saturdays $79!! Saturday April 21 - June 2, 2012 all classes Limited Space!!! Priority Enrollment for Current After-School and College for Kids Students Academics Reading, Writing & Math (Gr. Reading & Writing (Gr. 2, 3) Reading & Writing (Gr. 4, 5) Improving Math (Gr. 2, 3) Improving Math (Gr. 4, 5) aenrichment Mon. July 9 - Fri. Aug. 24 Drop Off Time: 1) 10am-12pm 9:30am-11:30am 9:30am-11:30am 11:30am-1:30pm 11:30am-1:30pm Hip Hop Dance (Ages 8-13) Piano (Ages 5-7) Yoga for Kids Art, Crafts & Drawing French for Kids 12:30pm-2pm 12:30pm-2pm 12:30pm-2pm 12:30pm-2pm 12:30pm-2pm Salsa (Ages 8-13) Ballet (Ages 9-13) Guitar (Ages 9-13) Karate (Intermediate) Chess (Ages 8-13) 3:30pm-5pm 3:30pm-5pm 3:30pm-5pm 3:30pm-5pm 3:30pm-5pm Drama/Acting Ballet (Ages 5-8) Piano (Ages 8-13) Karate (Beginner) Guitar (Ages 5-8) Spanish for Kids SUMMER CAMP 2012 2pm-3:30pm 2pm-3:30pm 2pm-3:30pm 2pm-3:30pm 2pm-3:30pm 2pm-3:30pm Pick Up Time: After 8am Before 6pm Reserve Space $100 Deposit non-refundable Tuition $1,100 Paid in Full By July 2nd Discount: 25% Off on 2nd or more siblings Superior Camp Supervision: 1 Adult to Every 7 Campers Quality, Licensed, Professional Child Care & Instruction for Less than $3 per hour All Inclusive Camp Improving Math & Science Skills Reading & Writing Practice 6th Annual Talent Show Martial Arts Outdoor Playtime Organized Games/Sports Indoor Movies Salsa/Step Dance for Kids School Lunch & Snacks Field Trip Admissions 3rd Annual Olympics 2 T-Shirts & Back Pack Arts & Crafts Hip Hop Dance Drama/Acting Camp Orientation for Parents Sat. April 14th 12pm Wed. April 18th 7pm Camp Director: Mikala Sakai 212-567-7132

Spring 2012 (2) CUNY in the Heights Catalog

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