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Healthcare Careers ProfessionalCertification Certificate & & License Your Career Just a Click or Call Away Register Online or Call 212-567-7132 Dental Assistant Certificate Program (80 hrs + 40 hrs Clinical Externship) This course covers: the history of dentistry, dental assisting, and introduction to the dental office. Clinical aspects of dentistry are also covered: introduction to oral anatomy, dental operatory, dental equipment, how to take x-rays, introduction to tooth structure, primary and permanent teeth, the oral cavity and related structures, proper patient positioning, dental hand-pieces and sterilization. In addition to entry-level employment, this course is ideal for students interested in pursuing a Dental Hygientist program and career.* Class Section ACE-0720 CHW01 ACE-0720 CHW02 Day Dental Assistant Program Dental Assistant Program Dates Time Price M, W 2/10-5/19/14 6pm-9pm $1,299 M-Th 2/24-3/27/14 9am-1pm $1,299 (Tuition includes all Textbooks, Lab Materials and Insurance) Certified Nursing Assistant Program (130 hrs) Our program is a NYS Dept of Health approved training program for individuals seeking employment as nursing assistants in the medical field. Duties: patient care, taking vital signs, catheter care, assisting with ambulation, range of motion exercises, and moving patients to bed and from bed to wheelchair. The course content, 130-hours, include: Anatomy and Physiology (50 hrs), Fundamentals of Patient Care (50 hrs) and Nursing Home Clinical Rotation (30 hours). Upon completion, students will be eligible to take the NYS Certification Exam. Prerequisites: NYS test fee has to be paid in class $115.00. * Section ACE-0715 CHW01 ACE-0715 CHW02 ACE-0715 CHW03 Class Day Dates Time Price Nursing Assistant Nursing Assistant Nursing Assistant M-Th M-Th M-Th 2/3-3/20/14 2/3-4/21/14 3/31-5/13/14 9am-2pm 6pm-9pm 9am-2pm $995 $995 $995 Certified Electrocardiography Technician (30 hrs) This course will introduce students to the techniques necessary to perform a twelve lead resting electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG). Students will also learn about normal rhythm and arrhythmia, basic cardiac physiology, electrophysiology and how to troubleshoot technical problems. This course is for current NYS Certified Nursing Assistants, LPNs or with coordinator permission.* Section ACE-5011 CHW01 ACE-5011 CHW02 Class Day Dates Time Price EKG Technician EKG Technician Sat T, Th 2/8-4/12/14 3/11-4/10/14 1pm-4pm 10am-1pm $349 $349 Certified Phlebotomy Technician (80 hrs) Learn the anatomy and physiology of the venous system as well as phlebotomy practices. Perform blood collection procedures including vacuum collection, syringes, butterfly needles, micro hematocrit collection and live venipuncture. Learn infection prevention and control, quality assurance, and specimen handling, labeling and transport. For this course students must submit health clearance form. Prerequisite: CNA, LPN or coordinator permission.* Section Class ACE-5001 CHW01 Day Phlebotomy M-Th Dates Time Price 2/10-3/27/14 6pm-9pm $849 *Proof of High School/GED diploma required. CNA EKG + CPR + Phlebotomy + Register Today! 212-567-7132 = Patient Care Technician (PCT) (PCT)

Spring 2014 CUNY in the Heights Catalog

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