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Vol. 15/Number 7 Sweet Music Music Teacher Suzanne Greene introduces a musical segment during the 22nd annual Valentine’s Day concert at the Lake Isle Senior Nutrition Center on Feb. 11. Some of the 32 performers had solos while others played as a group. For more, see page 8. Photo/Ashley Helms Bronxville board mulls tax cap override again By DANIEL OFFNER STAFF REPORTER The Village of Bronxville Board of Trustees is mulling an override of the state-mandated property tax levy cap for the second consecutive fiscal year. On Feb. 11, the board approved legislation to hold a public hearing on April 1, to resolve a proposed tax cap override for the 2013–2014 budget. But, according to village officials, it is not certain if they will entertain a repeat of last year’s tax cap override, which exceeded the limit by a $166 margin. “We don’t know if we will or if we won’t approve it,” said Republican Trustee Guy Longobardo. Although a budget has yet to be presented for the 2013–2014 fiscal year, Village Administrator Harold Porr III said that he anticipates an Bronxville Village Hall additional spending increase in the vicinity of 16 to 18 percent for pension costs. Porr also cited similar costs, including annual step increases for employee benefits, as the primary reason for last year’s override of the state cap. The 2012–2013 budget included a nearly $300,000 jump in mandated employee benefits as well as almost $96,000 in increased OVERRIDE continued on page 11 February 15, 2013 Utilities spar over burst pipe costs By ASHLEY HELMS STAFF REPORTER On Jan. 13, a 30-inch diameter water main nearby a highpressure natural gas main owned by Con Edison burst last year at the corner of White Plains Road and Hilldale Place, causing flooding that drenched Leewood Golf Club and other nearby properties. The water pipe provides water to Mamaroneck and Larchmont, but not to Eastchester. About 330 of Con Edison’s customers were without gas the night of the incident, but Westchester Joint Water Works was able to reroute its water supply so that its Sound Shore customers were not affected. The delayed repairs drew the ire of nearby businesses owners and residents. Foundation poured over the water main for an old traffic light was said to be the root of the water main burst and prompted the state Department of Transportation to move the light. The water and gas main were located at Hilldale Place since the 1950s. Con Edison is currently involved in litigation with Westchester Joint Water Works following the burst of a Con Edison-owned gas main at Hilldale Place in Eastchester in 2012. The company is seeking repayment from the water works, stating the water utility’s mishandling of construction is what caused the gas main to break. According to court documents dated Oct. 15, 2012, Con Edison is alleging that the water works performed repairs in a negligent manner. As a result, Con Edison was forced to repair its facilities. Additionally, Con Edison is seeking a judgment against the water works alongside any incurred court fees. Officials from Con Edison said that despite the water works knowledge of the water main break, the company failed to take adequate and timely measures to prevent damage to nearby properties. During excaUTILITIES continued on page 11 vation after the water main burst, equipment was used that struck and undermined the gas main, according to court documents. Damage to a high-pressure gas main could have caused an explosion in the area. Allan Drury, a business representative from Con Edison, said the company has not specified the amount of their claim in court yet, but will provide the court with an amount as the litigation proceeds. “It will be in the hundreds of thousands of Westchester Joint Water Works dollars,” Drury said.

Town Report 2-15-13

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