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SOUND &TOWN Serving Mamaroneck & Larchmont Vol. 15/Number 24 GOP incumbents tout re-election bid (Not quite) rained out By CHRIS GRAMUGLIA STAFF REPORTER be,” said Costas Vlahakis, 27, who works in Larchmont. The re-development is funded in part by a $670,000 federal grant, and a Department of Transportation grant in the amount of $125,000. The total cost of the project is $1.7 million, with the remainder being paid by local businesses after an assessment is done to fairly distribute the cost. Mayor Ann McAndrews, a Democrat who was a Larchmont Trustee when the prospect of a streetscape was first discussed in 2000, told The Sound and Town Report that the three-week delay Mayor Norman Rosenblum and Deputy Mayor Louis Santoro, both Republicans, have announced they will seek re-election in the Village of Mamaroneck in November. The duo will face Democratic mayoral candidate Clark Neuringer, and Kerry Stein for trustee. Rosenblum, 70, will be running for his third term as mayor, having first been elected in 2009; Santoro, 55, for his third term as trustee. Both lifelong residents of the village, the Republican candidates said they are grateful for the opportunity to continue bettering the community, and wish to emphasize participation in government from residents, business owners and volunteers. Rosenblum and Santoro said important aspects of their campaign will be ensuring voters know the pair is committed to easing tax burdens on residents and businesses, continuing to search for flood mitigation solutions and completing the village’s Transit-Oriented Development Study, which would include a mixture of housing, office, retail and commercial developments in the vicinity of the Mamaroneck Metro North Railroad station. Rosenblum told The Sound and Town Report that, from the beginning of their first campaign, he and Santoro have accomplished the goals they set for themselves as village officials. Of particular importance to the mayor was the issue of flood mitigation, which he said has improved and will continue to do so in the future if he is re-elected. “We instituted a program where the Village of Mamaroneck is helping itself. Fifty to a hundred thousand dollars a year is being put STREETSCAPE continued on page 8 GOP continued on page 7 Even heavy rainfall couldn’t stop attendees from coming out, through mud and puddles, to show support for the Sheldrake Environmental Center’s “Party on the Pond” in Larchmont on June 6. For more, see page 14. Photo/Corey Baumer Palmer Avenue streetscape back on schedule By CHRIS GRAMUGLIA STAFF REPORTER After a three-week delay, the Village of Larchmont’s streetscape project is moving forward again. The project was halted so that the contractor, DeMarino Brothers, could provide additional documentation to the village engineer and the village board. The project began in the year 2000 under then-Mayor Cheryl Lewy, a Democrat, and was designed to revitalize the retail district of the village stretching from 1961 to 2005 Palmer Avenue by bringing more foot traffic to its businesses. In total 4,000 square feet of sidewalk will be replaced. The project will include larger sidewalks in some sections of the village, bike racks, trees, benches and new streetlamps. Residents and commuters in the area said they had mixed feelings about the streetscape, and that only the finished product will indicate if the lack of parking and temporary loss of sidewalk space will be worth it. “I think it’s causing minor problems, but, to me, the sidewalk needs to be improved. Everything is going to look a lot nicer once they’re finished, but I don’t have any idea how long the time frame is going to June 21, 2013 Mayor Norman Rosenblum has announced he will seek re-election in the Village of Mamaroneck this November. If elected, this would be Rosenblum’s third term in office and he plans to continue his focus on easing tax burdens and seeking new avenues for flood mitigation. File photo Village of Mamaroneck Deputy Mayor Louis Santoro has announced he will seek re-election. If elected, this would be Santoro’s second term as a trustee. Santoro said he will continue to be a “watchdog” over the community’s budget process. File Photo

Sound and Town Report 6-21-13

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