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SOUND &TOWN Serving Mamaroneck & Larchmont Vol. 15/Number 5 Larchmont, town eye Rye dissolution By JASON CHIREVAS STAFF REPORTER With the discussion of how best to dissolve the Town of Rye continuing–if plans for dissolution in fact move forward at all–the Town of Mamaroneck and its incorporated Village of Larchmont are keeping a close eye on the situation. Rye Town is made up of the villages of Port Chester and Rye Brook, as well as the Rye Neck section of the Village of Mamaroneck. Unlike the Town of Mamaroneck, there is no section of Rye Town that is not wholly incorporated into another municipality. In New York State, villages must exist inside of towns. Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin, a Republican, heads a steering committee examining the economic and governmental ramifications should the Town of Rye dissolve. The committee commissioned a grantfunded report by the Center for Governmental Research exploring alternatives for how best to handle the resulting municipalities after the dissolution. The resolution the study favors would see the villages of Port Chester and Rye Brook become coterminous town-villages while Rye Neck is annexed by the Village of Mamaroneck, which would become a coterminous town-village, seceding from the Town of Mamaroneck. A coterminous town-village is a municipality that enjoys the benefits of both designations. At present, Harrison, Mount Kisco and Scarsdale are the only coterminous town-villages in Westchester County. Another option, first introduced to the steering committee at a public hearing in the Village of Mamaroneck by Democratic Trustee Leon Potok, would have the Town of Rye shrink to include just Rye Neck, which would then be called the Town of Rye Neck–a whole and separate town from the Village of Mamaroneck, of which it is now a part. Carvin said this would make the Town of Rye Neck a “paper town” unable to supply its own municipal services, which is the case as things stand now. Additionally, Carvin said, though the Town of Rye Neck solution is the one the steering committee is leaning toward, nothing is final and even if enacted, it is not ideal. Village of Mamaroneck Mayor Norman Rosenblum, a Republican, has publicly favored the CGR solution in which the village would annex Rye Neck and become a coterminous town-village. “The Village of Mamaroneck is independent now,” Rosenblum said at the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Local Summit breakfast on Jan. 22. “It has all the services now. It has the fire department, the DPW; it has all the services.” If the Village of Mamaroneck becomes a coterminous town-village, it would have a direct effect on the Village of Larchmont and the unincorporated Town of Mamaroneck. The decision to become a coterminous town-village would ultimately lay with voters in the applicable municipalities. Three previous coterminous votes for the Village of Mamaroneck have failed. Rosenblum said he thinks he knows why a vote after the proposed Rye Town dissolution will succeed. “The difference this time is there is an interest by the Village of Larchmont in possibly investigating becoming a coterminous townvillage,” Rosenblum said. “If the Village of Mamaroneck and Village RYE TOWN continued on page 14 February 1, 2013 The Carly Factor Carly Rose Sonenclar waves to fans from Molly Spillane’s pub after a Mamaroneck parade in her honor on Jan. 27. Sonenclar finished second on the 2012 season of “The X-Factor,” a reality competition show created by Simon Cowell. For more, see page 11. Photo/Bobby Begun Larchmont Democrats nominate trustees, judge By ALEXANDRA BOGDANOVIC STAFF REPORTER Two village trustees were nominated for re-election, and a sitting village justice was nominated to seek another term at the Village of Larchmont Democratic Party caucus Jan. 29. It appears to be another race without Republican opposition in Larchmont, a village in which Democrats have controlled every seat and had no formal opposition for more than half a decade. Trustees Lorraine Walsh and John Komar will each seek their second term in the March 19 election. Village Justice Thea Beaver will seek her fifth term. Former Larchmont Mayor Josh Mandell began the proceedings by nominating Walsh, saying he’s known her since his own introduction to politics. “Lorraine possesses a number of virtues including the ability to listen,” Mandell said. “She is handsdown the best listener I know, and listening is a big part of the job as a village trustee. She not only listens, she pays attention, asks key questions and makes insightful comments.” Democratic Party Chair Brigid Brennan, who seconded the nomination, said Walsh isn’t a “typical politician.” Instead, Walsh is a “quiet worker behind the scenes who gets the work done.” “I nominated her two years ago, and I was so delighted she won,” Brennan said. “I am delighted to nominate her again.” Walsh, who has lived in the village for 15 years, has served as cochair of the Town of Mamaroneck/ Village of Larchmont Coastal Zone Management Committee and as chair Larchmont’s Democratic Party nominated village trustees Lorraine Walsh and John Komar, and Village Justice Thea Beaver to seek re-election this March. Contributed Photo. of the Larchmont Democrats. She has also volunteered at the Sheldrake Environmental Center. CAUCUS continued on page 10

Sound and Town Report 2-1-13

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