Issuu on Google+ Vol. 16/Number 10 RAY OF HOPE Ray Rice calls a huddle for aspiring footballers at Fosina Field on June 15. The defending Super Bowl champion attracted more than 500 youngsters and spectators to the annual Ray Rice Day. For story, see back page. Photo/Mike Smith City awards contract for fire, EMS efficiency study By ALEXANDRA BOGDANOVIC STAFF REPORTER The City Council on May 22 unanimously approved a resolution awarding a contract to Public Safety Solutions Inc., of Chester, Md., for fire and EMS consulting services. The company, which submitted a $78,850 bid for the work, will now do a study on the “efficiency and effectiveness” of the New Rochelle Fire Department and EMS services. “To the committee, this was the clear choice,” City Manager Charles Strome told the council before its vote. “This was the group with the most relevant experience.” In all, the committee, made up of city staff and fire officials, reviewed six submissions sent in response to the city’s request for proposals issued this spring. Mayor Noam Bramson, a Democrat, said the study is be- ing done in an effort to “assign hard numbers to anecdotal discussions.” Background information included in the request for proposals indicates the study will “serve as the basis for objective and well-sourced future judgments about the size and function of New Rochelle’s fire department and emergency service operations, either justifying changes that yield savings or support claims for additional resource allocation.” Debate about the department’s staffing levels surfaced during budget talks last fall. At that time, the City Council considered a budget panel’s recommendation to reduce staffing levels from 27 to 24 firefighters per shift. The proposal, which would have saved the city $300,000, called for the reduction only when regular staffing FIRE continued on page 7 June 21 & 28, 2013 Independence endorsement: An act of revenge? By CHRIS GRAMUGLIA STAFF REPORTER The county Independence Party has made its official endorsement for the upcoming county executive race, choosing New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, who received the Democratic Party’s nomination in April. Four years ago, Bramson’s opponent, incumbent Rob Astorino, a Republican, received the Independence nomination, but party chair Giulio “Doc” Cavallo said that rising property taxes and a lack of job creation strategies under the current county executive caused the party to shift its support elsewhere. However, representatives from Astorino’s campaign have said that Cavallo’s decision to endorse Bramson was no surprise and was done vengefully, after the county executive refused to grant jobs to a number of people in the party who are close to Cavallo. According to the county Board of Elections, the Independence Party has 22,132 registered members in Westchester, making it the third-largest political party, trailing Democrats, with 250,232 registered voters, and Republicans, with 132,460 voters. In 2009, Cavallo endorsed Astorino when he ran against then-County Executive Andy Spano, a Democrat, and played an instrumental role in Astorino’s victory. “In 2009, we had the support [of the Independence Party] and Independence Party Chairman Giulio “Doc” Cavallo really appreciated it,” said Bill O’Reilly, Astorino’s campaign manager. “We won on both the Republican and Independent line.” O’Reilly said the campaign expected Bramson would receive the endorsement over Astorino this time around, and that Cavallo is, “getting back at Rob for not getting him those jobs.” After Astorino won the election, Cavallo expected to reap the benefits of his endorsement through cushy county government jobs for members of his party, but never got them, according to O’Reilly. “He’s got a group that is close to him in the party, and thought everybody would get parked somewhere with a very nice salary,” O’Reilly said. In published comments, Cavallo has denied that he has used his party’s endorsement to get people jobs, and that he controls the party. However, Cavallo is viewed as the outright leader REVENGE continued on page 12

The Report 6-21-13

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