Issuu on Google+ Vol. 13/Number 12 Proposed access road stirs debate By DANIEL OFFNER STAFF REPORTER A proposed 12-lot subdivision on Buckout Road in West Harrison had members of the town Planning Board requesting the use of eminent domain in order to build alongside the 18.8 acre property. During their meeting last January, members of the Planning Board were presented with two different proposals for the location of an emergency access route. The first was identical to a proposal that had been presented in 2010 that was found unfeasible since it would require an easement to construct. The second was a new proposal, which would seek an alternate route looping between two of the 12 subdivided properties. According to the applicant’s legal advisor, the most desirable of the two routes would interconnect Buckout Road with adjacent Forest Lake Drive. But, while the proposed subdivision would meet the basic requirements imposed by the town, an easement would be required to build the initially proposed emergency access route between the two roadways and would require the applicant receive the consent of all 306 members of the Park Lane Homeowner’s Association. President of the Park Lane Homeowner’s Association Bahman Arjomand said that after speaking with his attorney, the association felt it would be a nearly impossible task to gain the consent of each homeowner in the area. “Homeowners don’t want traffic outside of their houses across from the proposed road,” Arjomand said. “The HOA never looked into any aspect of the proposal apart from the easement request.” However, according to Harrison Town Planner Patrick Cleary, the alternative ‘loop’ proposal was a less preferable alternative for the town. “The loop is unfeasible and would actually be more impactful to the area,” Cleary said. “We would need to work with it to meet the code.” Cleary added that the 12 homes along Buckout Road are still in need of access, and had suggested the town pursue to condemn the property on behalf of the applicant. Though the consent of the Park Lane Homeowners Association would not be the only option for the emergency access road, members of the town Planning Board had raised the question of whether or not the town could execute any action through the use of eminent domain laws. Essentially, this would allow the town to condemn the privately owned property between the two roadways for a public purpose, provided they reimburse the applicant. But not everyone in the audience felt the same way as the Planning Board members when it came to the use of eminent domain. Forest Lake Drive resident Michael Stephenson said he would oppose the suggested use of eminent domain, citing that the local homeowners association had said the access road was not feasible. According to Stephenson, the route proposed would additionally impede on greenspace located across the street from his front door. “They knew this was greenspace,” Stephenson said. “I am vociferously opposed to this access road.” Park Lane resident Joseph Grillo said that his main concern was the environmental impact of BUCKOUT continued on page 3 March 22, 2013 Sound Shore marks St. Paddy’s The second annual Sound Shore St. Patrick’s Day parade was held on March 17. Hundreds of residents braved the cold to watch the procession down Mamaroneck Avenue in Mamaroneck. For more, see pages 10-11. Photo/Sandra Geroux Man accused of sex abuse picked up by ICE By DANIEL OFFNER STAFF REPORTER On Feb. 15, town police arrested Olivio Jimenez, 49, of New Rochelle, who is being accused of molesting a 12-year-old boy. Police apprehended Jimenez shortly after receiving a 911 call from the child’s mother, who works inside the same office building located at 3000 Westchester Ave. According to reports, Jimenez had allegedly lured the victim from the lobby of his mother’s offices before kissing and touching the boy. Additional requests for information with the Harrison Police Department and Town Court have been rejected due to the victim’s age and the nature of the offense. Jimenez was being held at the Westchester County Jail on a charge of second-degree sexual abuse, a class ‘A’ misdemeanor. He later court continued on page 5 Man charged with identity theft, selling crack By DANIEL OFFNER STAFF REPORTER On March 19, Harrison resident Scott Howard was transported from lockup at the Westchester County Jail to the municipal courthouse on Heineman Place, to face arraignment on six charges of identity theft, a misdemeanor, and a felony charge for criminal sale of a controlled substance. According to the court records, Howard is accused of assuming the identity of an unidentified victim and making six separate charges, costing over $400 in total, to a telephone entertainment service between March 6 and March 11. Police later apprehended him on March 14, after witnessing him sell what investigators believe to be crack cocaine to an unidentified individual from his apartment at 285 Halstead Ave. Assistant Westchester County District Attorney Ada Diana Hedayati said that because the three charges continued on page 5

The Harrison Report, 3-22-2013

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