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OF EXC E LL W T BL 9 ES A 17 GDA ISHED. 1 HOME VO L . 1 1 3 , N O. 1 RS CE 95 A N E E Y GDA_Cover_1219_adr_Layout 1 12/20/11 2:47 PM Page 1 FAS H I O N CANDLES G O U R M ET: Tips for Budget Store Makeovers STAT I O N E RY Vintage Goods Take Wine Pairings to the Next Level B AT H & B O DY ALSO INSIDE: GOURMET G I F TA B L E S H O L I DAYS JANUARY 2012 GIFTSANDDEC.COM Licensed to Gift Home: Tuning into Blues Toys for Outdoor Fun P L AY T H I N G S PLUS:

GDA January 2012 Issue

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