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SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES The Holburne’s reputaon for innovaon and exceponal quality grows with each exhibion and event. As Bath’s Art Museum for Everyone we connue to programme ambious exhibions, spectacular events, talks, concerts and workshops. All of which offer outstanding tangible business benefits. We go the extra mile for sponsors. We offer you business opportunies such as: ⇒ Brand alignment and reputaon enhancement ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ Direct markeng channels Business sector exclusivity Delivery of corporate social responsibility priories through our community acvies Special access to the Museum for client and staff entertainment and engagement ⇒ ⇒ Director-led exhibion tours Curator-led collecon handling moments Arst-led workshops and talks ⇒ Co-sponsorship with other businesses to deepen working relaonships and generate business referrals But what makes a business relaonship with us so special is the extent and depth of the involvement. ⇒ We can help you surprise, delight and leave a posive lasng memory with your clients and staff. When a visitor experiences the Museum, whatever the nature of their visit, they will be experiencing your brand too. Sponsorship with us is not simply a business arrangement, although we will honour and deliver on all our commitments, it is a real partnership. We take a flexible approach to sponsorship, creang the right package for your business needs and budget. This pack contains informaon on the Museum’s forthcoming exhibions and events, as well as our vital stascs. Most importantly it sets out the benefits the Museum offers that can deliver against your key business drivers. To find out more contact: Head of Development T. 01225 338564 E. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH

Holburne Museum Sponsorship 2013/14

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