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4u 29 Augustus / August 2013 Jr / Yr 11 No: 34 Tel: 013 235 2287 Faks: 013 235 3076 P.B. 4418, Lydenburg 1120 e-mail: Thaba Chweu faces legal action for parked amounts A feedback meeting was held on the 26th of August for the community and rate payers of Mashishing, conducted by the Legal Advisors from CALS (Centre for Applied Legal Studies at Wits University). The meeting was regarding the parked amounts which appear on the residential household municipal accounts. It was also about the basic charges and the billing system. They also discussed the municipal financial bill, and the basic charge newly implemented by the municipality. Since multiple payments were not captured on the municipal system when people paid, the residents that were defrauded have been assured that the matter will be investigated and that the matter will be resolved. The legal advisers gave feedback to the community regarding the legal case they are pursuing against the municipality. “The legal adversors from CALS are currently in a process of collection information, detailing people who have been affected. For instance being charged a basic charge and you have outstanding (parked) amounts on your bill. This is done to persue the matter and assist the community in rectifying all the problems that have been experienced. And to persue a legal case against Thaba Chweu,” said Mr Selby Mahlangu, Committe Coordinator. The failure of the billing system at Thaba Chweu resulted in the arrears (or parked amounts). Wits will help the community to sort this out. This also applies to the greater Lydenburg area. A meeting will take place at the council buildings in the near future, as everyone who has a municipal account could be affected. Die Berede Polisie Eenheid van Middelburg het verlede week in Lydenburg kom besoek aflê terwyl die Lydenburg Polisie ‘Adopt-a-Cop’ aksies gehad het by twee kleuterskole. Die kleuters was baie beïndruk en opgewonde oor die perde. Die Lydenburg Honde Eenheid het ook saam besoek afgelê vir polisie bewustheid. ~ Michelle Boshoff ~ Community wants action From: From From From

29 Augustus / August 2013 Jr / Yr 11 No: 34

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