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15 November 2012 Jr / Yr 10 No: 45 Tel: 013 235 2287 Faks: 013 235 3076 P.B. 4418, Lydenburg 1120 e-mail: This gorgeous photo of a dragonfly was taken by Heather Aspeling from Lydenburg. It is an entry for the Photo of the Month Competition. The competition is nearly over, as there are only two weeks left to enter. The Highlands Panorama News sponsors the competition in conjunction with Longtom SuperSPAR, Konica Photo Express and PNA Lydenburg. Please send your entries to Michelle Boshoff G RAVE plundering is a huge concern and it is evidently rising in Lydenburg as loved ones are more regularly informed that the graves they thought as safe, are destroyed. Mrs Elize (well-known Lydenburg resident) and Miss Michelle Boshoff (Editor of the Highlands Panorama News), were shocked when informed that the iron railings and gate around the Koeleman graves had been stolen. The iron railings around the grave and the two gates were removed by criminals. An 'informant' phoned to tell the Boshoff’s about the theft. He knew that they were descendants from the Koeleman family. With a great bit of luck and detective work the ‘informant’ discovered the iron gates at a scrap yard in Lydenburg last week. According to him the police know who the criminals are and he suspects that they are still teenagers. The iron railings and gates are close to 100 years old, as they were manufactured in the Koeleman blacksmith shop, that was located next to the Reformed Church. The iron work was done by Mr Hendrik Albertus Koeleman, who in turn learned the trade from his father, Pieter Adrianus Koeleman. Pieter Adrianus immigrated to South Africa from Utrecht in the late 1800’s and was a skilled blacksmith and carriage maker. The Old Lydenburg Cemetery is in a dismal state and hundreds of gravestones are damaged. The iron gates are now safely back on the premises where it was made a 100 years ago.

15 November 2012 Jr / Yr 10 No: 45

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