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Voters Guide FOR JUNE 3 P RI M A RY E L ECT I O N We d n esd ay, M ay 2 1 , 20 1 4 • Vi c to r Va l l ey & Th e H i g h D ese r t 33rd Assembly District What is the most pressing need facing the High Desert? CANDIDATES John Coffey (D) Educator/ paralegal Age: 68 Basic services freely provided to other areas of California — transportation alternatives to cars, courthouses open for business, retail outlets for basic life necessities, libraries that are open when people Get the courthouses (and I mean all of are available to use them, primary and them) reopened for all services. secondary health services that are less than a roadtrip away and reachable by public transportation. Ditto for other government services and mandatory compliance with state law and county codes, etc. Scott Markovich (R) New businesses, government construc- Licensed building tion projects, jobs and job training. contractor Age: 52 Art Bishop (R) Mayor, Town of Apple Valley Age: 63 In the past few years, our area lost many businesses and families who closed their doors or left here because of burdensome regulations, high taxes and the inability to make a living. We must make California business-friendly. Wages and benefits must enable a family to have a good quality of life while still allowing businesses to make a profit. As a former businessman, I know the roadblocks and I will work to remove them. As a local mayor, I have worked hard to balance the budget in Apple Valley and I can apply my leadership skills to balance the budget in Sacramento. The residents of the High Desert cannot afford Sacramento’s continual tax increases that seize their hard-earned money, nor Rick can they afford the overbearing regulaRoelle tions that drive business away from our region. Our state government has become (R) an overarching bureaucracy that threatens San Bernardino County sheriff’s our way of life, and as an Assemblyman, I will fight to bring local control back to our lieutenant community officials and leaders. Finally, I Age: 55 will use my experience as a 30-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department to advocate for sound and effective policies that reduce crime and lead to safer streets. Jay Obernolte (R) Business owner/ mayor of Big Bear Lake Age: 43 Michelle Ambrozic (R) Business owner Age: Not submitted Robert Larivee (R) Community volunteer Age: 49 Brett Savage (R) Educator Age: 25 What’s one thing — major or minor — you’d seek to accomplish by the end of 2015? What separates you from fellow candidates? What’s one thing you think voters should know about you that maybe they don’t? I am the only Democrat; I am the only one who has run for statewide political office in the past; I am the only candidate who has been endorsed by their political party statewide for two elections for the same office. I am the only candidate with a law degree. I am the only one who is NOT a gun-wielding conservative. Since 2004, I have been lobbying for Environmental Protection Agency jurisdiction and takeover of the largest toxic plume in the country: Hinkley. To have researched, developed and submitted a bill to the Assembly’s Select Committee on Job Creation for the New Economy proposing the creation of crowdfunding legislation for counties and cities to enable the citizens and their government to have more ability to improve their infrastructure and economy. Through my 33-year marriage, raising three children and my two terms on the Rim of the World Unified School District Board, I have learned how to compromise, get past disagreements and move on to accomplish more important goals. The most important thing for me to accomplish before 2015 will be to restore the $8 million that was cut from our local Veteran Service Offices, the agencies that provide services to our current and returning veterans. As a Vietnam-era U.S. Army veteran myself, I understand clearly the needs of our veterans, their dependents and their families, and I will fight to restore these vital services to them. Delivering services to veterans that allow them to be self-sufficient is a win-win for everyone, the veterans and the public. I am proud to be endorsed by several veterans organizations. My breadth and depth of experience is what separates me from other candidates. As a former small business owner, I have first-hand knowledge of the impact that taxes, fees and regulations have on a business. As a director and former board president of the regional Mojave Water Agency, I understand the importance of securing water for the future of our area. I was a firefighter for over 30 years and retired as fire chief in Apple Valley. As a longtime NRA member, I know the importance of the Second Amendment and I will work to protect our Constitutional rights. I am a 40-year resident of Apple Valley. This is where I have lived, worked and raised my family. In addition to being comAfter a year in office, I hope to have vigormitted to the overall safety of our commuously represented the people of the High nities and the well-being of our residents, I Desert with a team of first-rate and qualified have advocated for accountable leadership, staff on hand to help with the issues that arise fiscal responsibility and the creation of in the 33rd District. As an Assemblyman, I will private-sector jobs as a leader for our promote conservative ideas and values and region on the Apple Valley Town Council. I fight Sacramento’s progressive agenda that am fiercely passionate about public service, threatens any hope for economic prosperity, a and my record in Apple Valley should serve thriving middle class, and our way of life. as a testament to the fact that I have the ability to get things done and serve as an effective representative.. I am non-partisan. Family, Faith and Freedom — those are my values. The voters should know that I am very proud of my personal integrity: I am a man of my word and a man of the people. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I love the High Desert; my wife of 43 years Kathy and I have lived here for 35 years. I love the people of the 33rd Assembly District and I love spending time enjoying our mountains and our desert. I want to hear from the voters so that I can truly be your voice, so please call my personal cell: 760-979-1307 and give me your ideas. The issues I care about are the same issues faced by High Desert families and businesses: Job creation, fiscal restraint and crime reduction. My focus includes shrinking state government, reducing the tax burden, decreasing bureaucracy and regulations that hurt small businesses, and working to ensure that hardworking middle class families have the best shot at attaining the American Dream. California is facing a crisis of common sense. I’d like to be a voice of reason in the California Legislature. According to the independent California Center for Jobs & The Economy, the unemployment rate for our Assembly district is 11 percent — over 2.5 percent higher than California as a whole. With 17,000 unemployed, our community ranks 67th lowest out of 80 in the state. Considering our region was one of the hardest hit when the housing bubble burst, we are among the most in need of jobs in California. When you look at the fact that our Assembly district lost 413 jobs in 2013 alone, it’s clear our government’s economic policies are to blame. I’d like to form a regional coalition of legislators who are solely focused on creating incentives to bring jobs to the High Desert. When the Governor eliminated Redevelopment Agencies, we lost the ability to renew some of our most blighted areas. I want to break the gridlock in Sacramento and use my business experience to create more local jobs here. We need to reduce regulations to not only attract new companies and produce higher-paying jobs, but also keep and retain the ones we have currently. The fact that I’ve created and run a successful business during some of our district’s most turbulent economic times separates me from the other candidates. I’ve experienced many financial hardships over the course of my business career and I understand firsthand the struggles working families face in today’s economy. The blending of my business experience and my service as a conservative local mayor provides a unique combination that I believe we desperately need to fix the mess in Sacramento. My wife Heather and I began dating the day after our high school graduation in 1988 and we have been together ever since. We have a geographically attractive landscape that is primed for massive growth in industry, manufacturing and mining that would bring jobs to the district. We need to create a business-friendly environment to bring about this type of growth. The number one thing standing in the way of this type of development is overly burdensome regulation created by the state and entities like the California Air Resources Board. I will take on the California Air Resource Board and I will fight to repeal AB 32. I’m currently drafting what will be my first piece of legislation, which I will submit the day I am sworn in — a health care bill that will draw health care providers to the district. Our district has one of the highest primary care physician deficits in the nation. We must attract the business of health care to ensure access to quality health care providers for the people of this district. My bill is similar to California’s Enterprise Zones and alleviates health care providers from tax and regulatory burdens imposed on them by the state. I’m a small-business owner and health care advocate. I’ve started three successful businesses. I have not taken any money from any special interest groups throughout my campaign. I’ve never run for or held political office — I am not a politician. I am unafraid to tackle the tough issues and I openly and candidly oppose Common Core, firearm and ammo restrictions, or any legislation that undermines our Constitutional rights. I have a deep-rooted passion for this country and I feel called to fight to protect the freedom and rights for my children and future generations. On the lighter side: I love the desert, which is why I chose to get my college degree from the University of Arizona. I also love to target shoot (you may have noticed from my signs). But more so, I love to focus on my skills and accuracy in shooting. My favorite round is the .308, which I shoot with either my DPMS SASS or my Remington 700. Effective leadership that will provide a plan for sustainability and growth for the 33rd District. Leadership that will provide help for small business and job growth. Leadership that will fight for our seniors, lower taxes, less government, education reform, better jobs and protection of our civil liberties. I seek to submit and see passed all or most of the bills I will propose once elected: a bill that will eliminate state and local taxes and fees for those on a fixed income below a certain amount once they have reached a certain age; a bill that will exempt your primary residence from property taxes; a bill that will exempt one car per household from DMV fees; and a bill that will exempt small-business owners whose business is their primary source of income, and have no more than one location, from collecting sales tax on transactions below a certain amount. Outside-the-box thinking, problem solver, servant leader, the most conservative and viable candidate of the 10 and 35 years business experience working with government. I am the most well-rounded of all my fellow candidates. Whatever you find in them I also possess, plus some. That is why I have earned the endorsement from the non-partisan California Small Business Association representing over 200,000 small businesses in California. I am one of two with a pastoral background running for a seat in the state Assembly. Out of the top-three finishers in a Daily Press poll, I have spent substantially the least amount of money, showing I can get more done with less money. In fact, our campaign has given back to the community, donating money and materials to reopen the Boys & Girls Club in Adelanto, sponsoring Victorville’s Community Cleanup, donating 10 brand new bikes to No Drugs America Day and sponsoring the High Desert Black Heritage Committee’s Juneteenth Celebration. It was disturbing the first three or four times California was ranked last among the 50 states for business environment, but now it is eight years in a row. The growth of the High Desert economy depends on free enterprise. We must lower the cost of starting and running a business. We must reduce regulation and promote industry. We need to foster an environment to bring back private business and promote job growth. You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. I would like to see the high-speed rail project dead. The $32 billion project is expected to receive one-third of its funding from the federal government and the private sector. The California government does not have a timeline (for the project), the total cost is still unknown, and the private sector and federal dollars are questionable. The state has more pressing problems, such as the issue that will define our time — water. Politics is local, particularly in the 33rd Assembly District. The candidate most likely to win in this race will be the candidate that has had the most personal touch with the voters. I have knocked on over 3,000 doors in the High Desert. While visiting voters and engaging in genuine dialogue, I was able to tell them about myself and where I stand on the issues. Along that idea, I was able to listen to what the voters had to say. Too many times you have politicians telling people what they need, instead of asking them what they want. Lastly, throughout this campaign for state assembly I have had a few individuals tell me that I should sit this one out. But those aren’t the values my family and my community have instilled in me. I wasn’t raised to shy away from hard work or do what’s easy. I have been raised to act on what I think is right and do what needs doing. I think I can make the High Desert better, I think I can make the mountain areas better, and I think I can make this state better. Win or lose, that’s reason enough for me to run. Bob Buhrle (R), Jerry Laws (R) Could not be reached for participation. 8th Congressional District CANDIDATES Paul Hannosh (R) Teacher/Small businessman Age: 45 What is the most pressing need facing the High Desert? Job growth. What’s one thing — major or minor — you’d seek to accomplish by the end of 2015? What separates you from fellow candidates? What’s one thing you think voters should know about you that maybe they don’t? Passage of HR 25, the Fair Tax, to abolish our corrupt Internal Revenue Service and replace it with a national consumption tax to boost economic growth, especially exports, so that our American-made products are no longer subject to an insane 22 percent embedded tax due to a byzantine income tax system which has caused jobs to flee to more tax-friendly countries. My campaign is about putting Americans first, not the establishment. I’m fighting the same special interests that that JFK was fighting, namely the income tax system and the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on our monetary system. The Federal Reserve has been a colossal failure at preventing recessions and has created our current bubble economy. My father came to America via Ellis Island in order to escape institutional discrimination against Christians in Iraq. According to a Pew Study, the world’s most persecuted group are Middle Eastern Christians and over the past 20 years, the Christian population in Iraq has gone from over 1 million to around 200,000. This is why I support Rand Paul’s call to end all foreign aid to nations that persecute Christians.

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