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Klamath Life Close to Home Along the way Stand on historic ground with the guidance of historical markers One for you, One for me Cooking for a crowd and how to help others during the holidays Keeping the hens happy year-round Egg producers keep the coop in all weather Art & Life: Klamath County Cultural Coalition Live-in history: Former World War II internee barracks home to generations Also inside: KLAMATH BASIN HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE TRANSFORMED FAMILIAR BASIN SITES CHANGED BY THE SEASONS REGIONAL MAGAZINE FOR KLAMATH, LAKE, MODOC AND SISKIYOU COUNTIES H e r a l d a n d N e w s ❘ N o v e m b e r / D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 2 ❘ w w w. h e r a l d a n d n e w s . c o m

Klamath Life - Close to Home

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