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FUGITIVEALERT KLAMATH, LAKE, DESCHUTES & CROOK COUNTIES FUGITIVE ALERT - SEPTEMBER 2011 ISSUE • Volume 9 Please do not attempt to contact these people. Paid publication If you know the whereabouts of any of these offenders please contact your local County Community Corrections office or your local law enforcement agency. Listing on these pages does not constitute verification of a valid warrant. All warrants MUST be confirmed through standard Law enforcement Procedures. 9/01/11 Dear Reader, Fugitive Alert is very excited to publish the first stand alone edition of this publication. As you may be aware all eight previous publications have been inserts in The Nickel. You may have noticed that the Fugitive Alert is actually an LLC or Limited Liability Corperation and therefore, privately owned. Although the goal has always been to publish the paper as an stand alone effort, free of charge to the public, the Fugitive Alert is thankful for the support of the Herald and News and The Nickel and will continue to employ their services for printing and distribution. After a short interval of suspended publication, the Fugitive Alert will be expanding in the publishing areas and a new web site has been created ( Fugitive Alert also Omteme Moni Sanders DOB: 1/11/1980 FAILURE TO APPEAR Male Height: 5’ 6” -180 lbs Hair:Brown Eyes:Brown Warrant Issued: 8/8/2011 Prob Violation, Att Sex Abuse I wants to thank the following: • Klamath County Community Corrections, • Klamath County District Attorney’s Office, • Klamath County Sheriffs Department • Klamath Falls City Police Department, for their participation and support and look forward to a continued relationship. Additionally the Fugitive Alert wishes to acknowledge Deschutes, Crook and Lake County for their participation. The continued support and partnership of the local business community is important to maintain this public safety effort. The Fugitive Alert is thankful and appreciative to those businesses that have chosen to advertise in the Fugitive Alert and we look forward to developing many new relationships with the business community. We would also like to thank Chris Ryan Lee Bailey DOB: 7/28/1987 FAILURE TO APPEAR Male Height: 6’ - 145 lbs Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Warrant: 7/19/2011 Failure to Appear/Att Assault II Purcell from Purcell Productions LLC for his dedication and work on the web site Records indicate that more than 140 fugitives pictured in the paper have been apprehended since the first Fugitive Alert was published in September, 2010. Clearly, Fugitive Alert has become an effective tool for channeling the community’s assistance in bringing fugitives to justice. You can now visit the Fugitive Alert and relay fugitive information through the Website, Fugitive Alert remains committed to enhancing public safety by working with our public safety agencies to provide the most accurate information possible to the communities we serve. ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Mike Hardi Klaus Weltin DOB: 3/1/1963 FAILURE TO APPEAR Male Height: 5’ 10” -190 lbs Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green Warrant: 5/3/2004 FTA/Stalking Please Visit us online at Klamath Anonymous Corrections Tipline #541-880-5500 ext 8200 • Over 500 people are current fugitives in Klamath County

Fugitive Alert Sept.2011

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