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THE ULOLIWE The Railways of Southern Africa: Past & Present Spoorweë van SuidelikeSuidelike-Afrika: Toeka tot Nou A monthly railway historical and research publication ‘n Maandelikse spoorweg historiese en navorsing publikasie Vol 5 No 2 Un-official / Nie Amptelik - Gratis Everything to do with the former SA Railways: i.e. lighthouses, harbours, staff, photos, books, RMT, stations, tugs, SAR Police, SAA, catering, pipelines, SAR stamps, SAR models, SAR rolling stock, South African armoured trains, diagrams, etc Hennie Heymans, Pretoria, ZA February 2014 All photographs carry copyright by their respective photographers. 1

Uloliwe vol 5 no 2

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