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WAY TO WELLNESS A quarterly publication of the Henderson Family YMCA and The Daily Dispatch Sunday, October 9, 2011 • 4th Quarter Anyone in Vance County looking for an indoor activity this winter? We all know that during the wintertime the sun sets early and we all just like to sit around the house and get ready for Christmas. Shopping is on your mind, Thanksgiving dinner is being planned and the kids are running around excited about Santa Claus. People are so busy, they tend to forget that they need to exercise. Water aerobics is a fantastic way to stay healthy and active. The Henderson YMCA offers many different water aerobics classes that will allow you to stay active during the coming months. Here are some water aerobics facts from the Hayes-Taylor YMCA in Greensboro: • Going by the definition of aqua aerobics, a participant can greatly benefit by achieving overall muscular development and cardiovascular improvement. • Since the water buoyancy supports up to 80 percent your weight (depending on how deep you are into water), the strain on the joints, back and Spin: day or night! We offer a “late night” spin class once per month. Classes take place 11:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m. on the following Fridays: Oct. 20, Nov. 18 and Dec. 16. Members that brave these monthly classes can “reward” themselves by joining us after class for a bite to eat at Denny’s. ... Not up for a late night spin? Join Teri Spence every Thursday morning at 6 a.m. and ride your way into a perfect day! These classes are offered weekly. Lights On Afterschool Rally scheduled Oct. 20 Joint pains won’t bother participants much during water aerobics exercises. You can continue exercising without this anxiety. This helps in the long term by increasing flexibility. torso is greatly reduced in comparison with land exercises. • Joint pains don’t bother you much during water aerobics exercises. You can continue exercising without this anxiety. This helps in the long term by increasing flexibility. • You will see quicker build-up of toned and endured muscle mass all around because of the additional efforts made against water resistance. • Water aerobics is the only exercise that keeps you cool and comfortable. Throughout the workout your body temperature remains constant. If you have any questions, contact Justin Lovin, aquatic supervisor at (252) 438-2144 or The Henderson Family YMCA will conduct a science fair Oct. 20 as part of Lights On Afterschool, a nationwide rally that is expected to include some 7,500 events this year. In all, 1 million Americans are expected to join in events across the country to draw attention to the need for more afterschool programs. At the event, parents and supporters will have the opportunity to sign a new petition that urges lawmakers to avoid denying or diverting funds for these programs. The Henderson Family YMCA After School Camp’s Lights On Afterschool event will be at the YMCA from 4:30-6 p.m. During this time the staff of the YMCA will be on hand to give tours and answer PLEASE SEE RALLY, PAGE 5

Way to Wellness - Henderson Family YMCA - October 9, 2011

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