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HBTSNEWS February 2013 This is a publication written and produced by Sandpaper Publishing, Inc./Navarre Press for the owners of HBTS and is not an official publication of Holley by the Sea Homeowners’ Association, Inc. Contact Holley by the Sea President Pete Peterzen Internal Vice-President Brooke Goldberg External Vice-President Pat Traynor Treasurer Jean Tashlik Secretary Joseph Hart Email the board: General Manager: Jennifer Barrett Email: generalmanager@ Holley by the Sea Homeowners’ Association 6845 Navarre Parkway Navarre, FL 32566 By Yvonne C. Harper The year began on a somber note for Keith Elwood of Navarre when he lost his wife and friend of 14 years on Jan. 5 in Pennsylvania. Peggy Elwood, who was an avid volunteer in the community, lost her battle with cancer during one last trip over the holidays to her home state to visit her son and daughter. “We left on Christmas Day to Pennsylvania to visit her son. She was fine until the day we were to come back (Jan. 3),”said Keith. “We took her to the ER and they thought she had pneumonia but when they X-rayed her, they discovered her upper body was full of cancer.” Her organs began to shut down one by one, and she passed away two days later. “She definitely wanted to go… she might’ve known she didn’t have much time,”said Keith. Peggy and Keith met during a Navy reunion in Wisconsin where they discovered Keith and Peggy’s first husband had been stationed together on the U.S.S. Putnam decades earlier. “We didn’t know each other until we went to the reunion but they knew each other,”said Peggy in an earlier interview.“We both had long and happy marriages and then we found each other in Wisconsin.” They married Dec. 12, 1998 and spent their honeymoon in Pen- Navarre Press file photos Above: The Elwoods went all out decorating their HBTS home at Christmas time. sacola. They began a life together in their Holley by the Sea home. Throughout the community, they were known for their Christmas decorations that become more elaborate with each tree they planted. The trees bear the Peggy and Keith Elwood in July 2012. names of shows they enjoyed, places they’d visited, neighbors and of each other. were planted creating a landscape people to walk through their yard. They really enjoyed decorating “We always had a lot of fun bathed in love. together,”said Keith. Both were also ambassadors for Christmas, so when they got The Elwoods were featured in for the Navarre Beach Area Cham- involved in the Chamber, that just the Navarre Press for their Christ- ber of Commerce for many years, carried over. She was so sweet.” June Meredith also became mas decorations and in the August and were active in the Chamber’s friends with Peggy and Keith 2012 edition of Holley by the Sea annual Christmas in the Park. newsletter for yard of the month. “I knew her for years,” said through their involvement with Each plant in their yard was Chanda Ryan, Chamber director the Chamber. “They were extremely hard selected and planted by Peggy of membership and marketing. and Keith. A variety of palms, col- “They were very involved with workers,”said“I take both of them orful coral vines, society garlic, a the Christmas in the Park com- to be very dear friends. It’s just a mimosa, a banana tree, and a mittee. They always decorated great loss to me.” spreading juniper among others their house in HBTS and invited Elwood continued on page 3 Santa Rosa County develops walking path plan CURRENT HBTS RESIDENT PRST STD ECRWSS MAILED FROM ZIP CODE 32566 PERMIT NO. 61-509 850-939-1693 Radiant HBTS light dimmed By Yvonne C. Harper Santa Rosa County Sheriff Wendell Hall responded to Holley by the Sea residents’complaints about traffic issues in a speedy manner, but residents who want to have sidewalks or multi-purpose lanes installed will have to wait until 2014 for action. Increasing the presence of deputies in HBTS was as simple as scheduling deputies to patrol the area more. Hall also received approval from the county com- missioners during an Oct. 8 meeting to reinstate the traffic unit allowing for HBTS to have a visible traffic unit presence. Sidewalks on the other hand, are not so simple. “The process, even once we make a determination, hasn’t ever been done for a MSBU sidewalk (in a subdivision) and that’s the reason we don’t have anything set up to determine who is going to pay for what,”said Avis Whitfield, county public works director. A Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU) is used to serve a specific area of the county. Typically, MSBUs are used to pay for street lighting, speed bumps, road paving or fire protection, among other things, for a specific area at the request of the residents that live in their area. During traffic town hall meetings held at HBTS, members, such as Pat Traynor, have discussed having sidewalks or bike paths installed along major streets like Edgewood Drive. Residents who live on the street would be required to fund any such path and therein lies the problem because the county does not have a process for using MSBUs to install sidewalks in residential areas. “We have to determine who will get assessed, will we build the sidewalk in house or will we contract the sidewalks,”said Whitfield.“For example, if you put the sidewalk on just one side of the street, do just the people on that side pay for it, or do you assess the people living on the opposite side because they benefit from it. Walking paths continued on page 2 Valid through February 28, 2013

Feb. 2013 - HBTS News

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