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E R F Serving Hawaii's 120,842 Hispanic Residents Rican from the mean streets of New York protects Hawaii’s Senior Senator By José Villa, Senior Editor WASHINGTON, D.C. – In 1828, the U.S. Congress created the United States Capitol Police (USCP). Its sole mission was to provide security for the United States Capitol Building. Since that time, countless lives have been protected while the In this Issue: Business: SBA Patriot Express Loans Top $633M pg. 3 Government: US Labor Department announces nearly $84 million for career training and housing assistance to migrant and seasonal farmworkers pg. 6 Community: New York City Latina Council Member advocates for and defends her constituents pg. 10 Education: Secretary Duncan calls DREAM ACT “Common sense legislation in keeping with core American values”, pg. 12 La Cocina: Grilled Pork Chops and Onions, pg 27 U.S. Capitol continues to thrive. Almost two c e n t u r i e s l a t e r, t h e USCP has expanded in numbers, duties, and responsibilities. Today, one of their primary duties is the protection of Members of Congress, Officers of the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives and their families. They serve these individuals throughout the entire United States, its territories and possessions, and throughout the District of Columbia. How did a Puerto Rican kid from the mean streets of New York come to protect the senior senator from Hawaii? Luis Alberto Diaz is a NuYoRican (Puerto Rican born in New York) born in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. At the age of 10, his family moved to Philadelphia. He attended high school there and was a member of the school’s Marine Corps JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) program. He said: “I was fascinated by the military and excelled in JROTC. When I graduated I enlisted in the Marine Corps and was assigned as an amphibious assault crewman/ crew chief. I was part of the E July 2011 100% Latino -owned & -operated Volume 10, Number 7 Hawaii Pacific University hosts 21 different nations got out of the Marine Corps, I stayed in North Carolina and became a d e p u t y By José Villa, Senior Editor sheriff. I HONOLULU, Hawaii – had that job from 1992 to Once again, Hawaii Pacific University has applied for a 1998.” How did U.S. Department of State grant like the job to host a Summer Institute for a n d l i v i n g English Language Educators. i n N o r t h And, for the third time in a C a r o l i n a ? row, HPU’s application was He said: “I approved at the highest levels enjoyed my in the nation. From June 4 to time there, July 5, the university hosted but I started 26 educators from 21 different g e t t i n g nations. Dr. Carlos Juárez, HPU homesick and my mother professor of Political Science a l s o h a d and Honorary Peruvian Consul, health issues, is the principal investigator for so I started the grant project. Thanks to him, looking for a HPU has received $1.97 million job closer to in funding for this project since Luis Alberto Diaz on “The Hill” Philadelphia. 2008. Juárez arranged interviews combat support mission and I had an aunt that lived in for me with the five participants used large amphibious vehicles Baltimore County, so started from Latin America: Alvaro Del to transport troops from ship- applying for law enforcement Castillo Alba (Bolivia); Claudia to-shore. I served honorably for positions in that entire area. Muñoz Moreno (Bolivia); four years.” I took several examinations Barbara Duqueviz (Brazil); He went on: “I was a product and the USCP was the first María Eugenia Rodríguez (El of the welfare system. I grew organization to respond.” Salvador); and Juan Carlos up without a father and - to this Diaz continued: “I accepted a Camps from (Paraguay). day – I’m 41-years-old and job with the USCP and attended What is the purpose of still don’t know who my father their six-month academy. And your coming here to HPU? was. But I never let that stop I’m proud to say that I’m the Rodríguez said: “We are a me from being motivated to go first Latino to graduate as group of 26 professionals that SEE HAWAII PACIFIC PG.17 after things I wanted. When I SEE NEW YORKER PROTECTS PG.26

Hawaii Hispanic News July 2011

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