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K alamalama Hawai‘i Pacific University Newspaper Mahalo nui loa May 2, 2011 Volume 35 Issue No. 6 President Wright says Aloha to grateful HPU community It is with mixed feelings that I say “Aloha” in these pages one last time before I retire on July 1. It’s no secret that after nearly 40 years with HPU, I’m looking forward to the chance to pursue my passions, especially fly fishing, but also assisting this great University in any way I can. I’ve already written in this column about my confidence in HPU’s new president, Dr. Geoff Bannister, who I expect to build on what we have so far accomplished and take HPU to new heights. But retirement from HPU is bittersweet because it means that I will no longer have daily contact with faculty, staff, and students – something that’s been a happy routine for me since 1972. I’m often given the credit for turning a small downtown business college into the university it is today, but I didn’t do it alone. The original founders of Hawaii Pacific College had an idea that was, at least at that time, a crazy idea: that Hawaii needed a private, independent college in downtown Honolulu. You know the rest of the story – our growth, the development of our global mission, our expansion first downtown, then on the military bases, at Hawaii Loa, and most recently at Oceanic Institute. Sometimes I feel as though I joined a one-room Student Body President Saige Martin presented HPU President Chatt Wright with gifts during the pep schoolhouse and now I’m leaving rally held in Wright’s honor on Fort Street Mall, April 27. something a hundred times larger Photo by Thomas Obungen and much more dynamic. Along the way, I’ve had the good fortune to bump into many wonderful people who wanted to be part of the Hawaii Pacific experience – students from around the world, our full-time and part-time faculty, dedicated staff members, trustees who volunteered their time and expertise, and friends in the community who provided generous financial support. All of these people wanted to help me build something that was unique, unlike any other college or university. There are too many men and women to mention who have sweat equity in HPU. But if you’re reading this column, know that I haven’t forgotten what you’ve meant to HPU. HPU’s future is bright because our state continues to need a private, independent university. Wherever there are both private and public universities, both become stronger. They compete on some things and partner on others. Another reason HPU’s future is bright is you. Whether you’re a student, part of our staff, or a member of our faculty, I believe you are ready for new ideas and new challenges. You’re ready for HPU 2.0. When people on campus ask me what I think my legacy is, I always tell them it’s simple. You are my legacy. Good to grill is good to go Mint tea - the Moroccan surprise Say Konnichiwa to Hello Kitty! Light Up the Night Page 18 Page 14 Page 7 Page 4

Kalamalama, Volume 35, Issue 6

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