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W I N T E R 2 0 1 2 PA 390 | Leadership Dynamics School of Public, Nonprofit, and Health Administration Grand Valley State University Photo: Auschwitz Birkenau Course Description and Objectives This course will expose you to 2,500 about leadership and followership totalitarianism -- a watershed new answers to age-old questions years of dynamic thinking about that culminated in World War II development that left us searching for about human nature, interaction, and leaders and leadership, from the leadership. classical world to the post-modern. In the second half, we will refocus on You will come to understand ten big these questions and examine post- ideas about leadership; ever-changing modern hypotheses rising out of the sources and deployments of authority; social, natural, and formal sciences. iterations of the leader’s and follower’s place in society; and the latest thinking on leader-follower synchronicity, pervasive leadership, and leaderlessness. In the first half of the semester, special attention will be drawn to the challenges of modernity and ideas PA 390: Leadership Dynamics Professor Brian Flanagan | (616) 331-2770 | Wednesdays, 6-8:50 PM, 2123 Au Sable Hall, GVSU-Allendale _______________________________ In This Syllabus: Course Description — 1 Required Reading — 2 Course Requirements — 3 Calendar — 3 Office Hours — 3 Blackboard — 3 Ten Big Ideas — 3 Wheelhouse Talks — 3 Syllabus Detail — 4 Bibliography — 9 Throughout, we will interact with the leadership canon and encounter numerous examples of leadership by men and women, living and dead. We will see how dynamic ideas are put into practice in the real world -famously, infamously, and anonymously. 1

Leadership Dynamics (PA 390)

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