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Fall 2013 – Week 5 LIT Lane International Times SPOTLIGHT ON: INTERNATIONAL STUDENT TUTORING Who Your Tutors Are Caitlin Bradley, Melissa Marshall, Barbara Sklar, Nancy Wood What They Can Do -Help you with homework, essays, English grammar, pronunciation, and conversational practice -Offer you support to do well in your classes What They Cannot Do -Write your essay or do your homework for you -Guarantee that you will get straight A’s Tutoring Schedule + Location Center Building Room 210 (next to the Titan Bookstore and across from the library). Walk all the way to the back of Tutor Central to find the international tutors by the windows! Tutoring is available Monday-Thursday from 12-4:30 and on Fridays from 12-2. How To Make An Appointment Drop by the Center Building, Room 210 (aka Tutor Central) during normal tutoring hours and sign up for a 30 minute appointment. If there is more time available you can sign up for a longer tutoring session.

Fall 2013 Week 5 LIT

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