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Ouermi Timbwaoga Aime Judicael (TAJO) Age:24 Home Country: Burkina Faso Favorite Food: riz gras – a rice, tomato and vegetable dish from Senegal that I like to cook. Hobbies & Interests: playing soccer, watching action movies, hanging out with friends, hiking, dancing (African, Latin, reggae, hip hop), studying (when I’m in the mood), singing (but I’m bad at it), longboarding, traveling, cooking and eating Dream Vacation: going in a spaceship to Mars to explore another world Tell Us About Your Position as the Vice President of Student Government: From my student position as Multicultural Program Coordinator, I learned a lot about event programming, coordinating, and team management and wanted to springboard from there into a new position where I could grow even more. As Vice President of Student Government, I help the Student Senate with their personal and professional development so that they can be empowered to make decisions that shape and influence student culture and campus community at Lane. We are working on several campaigns and one in particular is promoting intercultural competence through a policy that would require instructors to receive training about how to effectively engage with students of diverse backgrounds while keeping the classroom welcoming and safe. What You Like Most About Eugene: the free-spirited lifestyle What You Like Most About LCC: Lane is a place where I see my dreams flourishing Other Interesting Facts About Yourself Or Ideas That You'd Like To Share: When someone asks me where I’m from, it always takes me at least five minutes to explain. It feels good though when people walk away with an expanded vision of our world – a different vision than what they see on mainstream media.

Fall 2012_Week 9 LIT

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