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TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday – is a weekly social hour with informal conversational games and snacks. All students are invited. Please join us in Building 11, Room 208 at noon on Fridays. Star of the Week: Sawyer, a 19-year-old American student studying Pre-Med at LCC, leads TGIF. Sawyer Ducharme Favorite Food: razza piedmontese Hobbies & Interests: swimming, running, mountain (alpine) climbing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, cooking, photog- raphy, camping, backpacking, skiing, playing guitar Dream Vacation: 23 days on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon Abroad Experiences: I was an au pair (professional nanny) in Germany in a small town called Walkersbach near Stuttgart. I was basically adopted into a German family for a year, which I spent learning German, taking care of the family’s children, expanding my cooking knowledge to include traditional German and Italian cuisine, training with the track & field team and swim team, and traveling to England, France, Italy and Austria. I also met an Olympic triathlete who competed in the 2012 summer Olympics in London. Thanks to my host family’s influence, I solidified my career goals and decided that I wanted to become a Physical Therapist, which is what I’m working towards now. What He Likes About Eugene: I’ve only been in Eugene for 3 months, but so far I like the eccentric vibe, Vero Espresso House (absolutely perfect), and the outdoor climbing, running and hiking opportunities. What He Likes About LCC: my teachers who are fun to work with and engaging. What He Likes About TGIF: So many things…it gets me involved with all the international students. I feel like I can totally relate having been abroad myself and I LOVE working with them!

Fall 2012_Week 5 LIT

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